Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve {RESOLUTIONS}

So, I guess I need to add my NY resolutions out in the blogosphere...

2014 is a year of two beach vacations.  We are going to Myrtle Beach with Jeff's family in July and then the beginning of August going to Provincetown for Nicholas and Kara's wedding.  I am so excited for both trips.

With two beach trips means two weeks I am going to have to wear a swimsuit.

This said I give you my 2014 Resolutions.

Be able to wear a non-mom/non-triathlete swimsuit.  I don't mean I want to wear dental floss, but I would like to wear a nice fairly 'hot' swimsuit this year. 

In order to get into said swimsuit, I have a plan.

Jeff and I did the Advocare 24 day challenge in November.  We will do (I think) 2 more challenges before the beach.

I also have plans to run 500 miles in 2014.  (My original goal was 1000.  After reviewing the numbers, I am not sure that is attainable, so I lowered it to 500, but may increase it to 800)

I want to run at least 2 half marathons - possibly more if time and money permit.

I would really, really like to run a sub 2 hour half marathon.  I don't care if it is 2:59:59...I just want to see a 2 on the clock.  I am hopeful that this is attainable...with weight loss and strength training.  Fingers crossed.

So far, my resolutions have all been health conscious.  I have a couple more resolutions that I am going to hold in my heart for now.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2014 {Lillie's First}

 Getting ready to head to Kentucky.
 We had Christmas with Grandma & PaPa Marsh (Uncle Nick and Uncle Billy)  Her favorite gift was Uncle Nick's retainer & case!  After we opened presents and visited for a little bit we went to Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa's house.  We opened presents and visited there.  Lillie just hung back and watched the entertainment.  Lillie also had Macaroni & Cheese for the very first time!  Then, we headed home so Santa could come!
 Our tree after Santa visited.
 Lillie isn't s sure what to think!  She was still SO tired.

 After we opened presents at our house, we went to MiMi and Pap's house.  When it was time to eat, Lillie wore the same bib that Mommy wore for her first Christmas!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Cali {4/29/2009-12/16/2013}

We got Cali in June 2009.  I was so excited to have a sweet little purse puppy.  I thought I could pack and take her anywhere...she was adorable and tiny.  We socialized her but quickly saw that my girl had issues.  We tried behavior modifications, we tried ignoring, we tried wearing her out, you name it we tried it.  I was told that after she is spayed she will calm down, after she is 2, after she is 3...yeah, my girl never calmed down.  She was on high alert at all times.  We got Sammy primarily to play with Cali.  Yeah, that didn't work either.

After Lillie was born we basically kept the two separated.  We were on pins and needles whenever they were close together.  We had the dogs barricaded in the kitchen.  If anyone came to visit they went to their crates.

Cali was good with Lillie.  She would go over and lick Lill, she would sniff her and watch. But we were on edge because what if she snapped...would Lillie move to fast and Cali go off?  we just never knew.

Each evening after Lille would go to sleep we would let the pups out and Cali would curl up with me under the blanket for night snuggles. (that was time when I believe Cali would relax )

Last Saturday, Cali bit Jeff.  It was unprovoked, he was petting her and she lashed out. 

That was the final straw for us.  We needed to do something to ensure Lillie's safety. 

I called the Vet and spoke with him for quite awhile about what to do.  We brought her in to visit him.  We came to the conclusion that the smartest thing to do was let her sleep.  She had several disorders and we could probably correct one but another would/ could become stronger.  He (the Vet) said we could try medications but that it could make the behavior worse.

We made a very tough decision, very tough.

Cali girl~ you were a beautiful pup.  You were a good friend and a wonderful neighborhood watch dog.  Thank you for all your snuggles.  Thank you for protecting us from the leaves, the wind and letting us know when anyone was walking by.  You were a loved dog.  Please rest now, baby.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So What Wednesday....

So, I am linking up with Shannon at L.A.I.D. for her So What Wednesday...

I have multiple So What's that are saved in my blogger dashboard. Eventually, I will post the, but probably not.

I have my entire house decorated for Christmas already....the outside not so much.

I have lost over 10 pounds and many inches on the Advocare 24 DC - at 8 months I am under pre-pregnancy weight!

I still want coffee...bad.  less than 24 hours.

I can't stand the 'crap' pile at the bottom of my steps...Tonight is the night that I clean it up...throw it out or put it away.

I feel horrible that my puppies don't get enough attention.  As soon as Lill goes to sleep we cuddle with them.  I hope they feel loved. 

After watching every episode of How I Met Your Mother...I very much dislike this season.  Would rather watch The Goldberg's...hysterical!

I just painted my nails green...rushing the Christmas season!

it drives me crazy to have 'stuff' on my kitchen counters...I like a nice clean kitchen...hahahahaha.

For the second month I am going to miss my running 'goal for the month....unless I head out and run at least 4 miles the next 4 days...doable, but probably not going to happen

I am totally and completely in move with my baby girl.  Everything she does is fabulous.  She has started cruising the furniture, she is getting too big too fast!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

10 day Cleanse results - onto the remaining 14

So, I am still not posting pictures...but here are my results from the first 10 days.

I have lost 9.2 pounds and 6.25 inches.  I can't believe it!

Jeff basically doubled the weight loss (ugh) and 7.50 inches overall.

I can't wait for the final results.

Now, it must be said that I was still holding on to pregnancy weight (all gone plus a little) and Jeff had gotten a bit fluffy as well. 

It is amazing the transformation thus far!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Ohio State 4 miler - a PR for momma!

So, when I heard of this race at OSU where you finish on the 50 yard line of The Shoe, I was all in.  My cousin, Sarah also signed up. 

Jeff, Lill and I went down on Saturday to pick up the packet.  As soon as I got out of the car, I was quickly reminded of how awful the wind is/was on that end of campus.  Brrrr.....I got the numbers and shirts and we took off for the Bookstore.  (who knew Long's closed in 2005) we walked around the bookstore and then headed home.

I met up with my aunt and cousin for some shopping and dinner.  Such fun, but I missed my girl.

Sunday am...RACE DAY!  I got up at 5am and did my morning Advocare routine and put everything for chili in the crockpot.  I ate an apple and almond butter pre-race.

I consulted the 'dress the runner' feature on runner's world.  For the first time, ever it was wrong.  I started out in capris/ long sleeved shirt...then changed to long pants, UA turtleneck and vest...with hat and gloves...perfect for running.

We heading down to campus and picked Sarah up, Jeff got parked and Sarah and I headed off to the stadium.

We made our way to the stadium and walked out where we could look out on the field all ready for us to run through the chutes.So very cool.

We hung out under the stadium waiting for the start.  It was COLD, that wind is awful.  Finally it was getting close to race time and I suggested we go find the start of the race.  Out in the real wind we went and got to the 10 mile pace group.  It was fun...they had former players there and the Conditioning coach up on a platform chanting and doing warm ups. 

Finally it was our turn to start...Brutus Buckeye was at the start to high five.  We took off turning left at Woody Hayes (we saw my aunt, Jeff and Lille) and crossing over to turn onto John Herrick Dr.  I was feeling great.  Trying to keep my pace at 10 minute miles.  I wanted to go much faster.  I held back! Mile one was a breeze.

We headed back across the 'Old and Grungy' to main campus.  Still feeling really strong - up 12th Ave, we were getting close to mile 2, I told Sarah, I was going to get water and walk for 30 sec.  I grabbed water and walked and I lost Sarah.  I thought she kept running so I was trying to find her.  We turned onto College Ave and I still couldn't find Sarah.  Down 17th Ave...over to 19th Ave. Mile 3,  I can't believe how fast this race was going!  I was looking at all the old building and new ones since 1990.  Amazing growth.  I loved it so much! We turned onto Woodruff and started heading toward the stadium.  I felt great, but was afraid I was going to run out of steam at the stadium so I walked for 15 sec.  Then back to running.  Felt strong...heading down Tuttle Pkwy and  around the stadium...headed into the stadium.  I went in the stadium and what a feeling!  AMAZING!!!  I ran over to the side so I could run on the turf field as much as possible!  I turned the corned slapped high five with Bobby Carpenter and sprinted to the finish!  My Garmin time said 39:31.  I did it, my estimated time was 45 minutes.  I was hoping to go 40 and praying for anything with a 3 as the first digit...even 39:59...My official chip time was 39:29...SOOO HAPPY!  Now I want to do a 5k and see if I can bust that PR!

After the race, I met up with Sarah who was behind me...she had to stop at mile 2.  We walked through and got the AWESOME medal.  I loved this race.  I can't wait to do it next year!!!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013


So since my last report, Jeff and I have started the Advocare 24 day challenge.  We are on Day 4.  I can tell you that I very much dislike the Fiber drink, but eh, I can get it down.  I can say that I am never hungry.  I feel like I am eating constantly, but it is good clean foods.  Tonight I am making a chili.  Looks very similar to what we normally make...we shall see.

I can tell you that after the 4 days (well, 3.5, if you wish to be technical) that Jeff looks thinner.  I haven't worn 'real' clothes since Sunday so since I really can't tell a difference in pajama bottoms, tank top and sweatshirt.  So, if you know me, I need results, so I scale hopped.  I must say I am VERY happy!  We took pictures and measurements but I refuse to post anything until the end of the 24 days.

I/we decided to do this together.  It has been so very helpful.  I have been in horrible eating habits in months.  I needed a way to break the cycle, get healthy, stay healthy...2014 is going to be a busy year.  February - Hadlee's baptism (my cousin's daughter) March - Lillie's 1st birthday, July - beach trip, August - beach trip and Nicholas and Kara's wedding also Chip and Sarah's wedding.  I need to get myself in shape and stay there!

My ultimate goal (shhhh) I want to run a sub 2 hour half marathon.  I want to get weight off so I am able to run faster/longer.  I don't care if the clock/chip time is 1:59:59.  I just want to see a 1 in the first space!  I am not sure whether I will do a spring of fall half (maybe both) 

You can do the 24 day challenge every 90 days...so we hope to do this 3 times before August.  I can't wait to see where this journey gets us.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

An Update!

So, I failed the October challenge (I guess it is good that I never actually signed up!)

Since the half marathon, I have sort of taken time off.  I started back on Monday with running.  Next week I will add in the spinning.  My goal is to wear a non-mom swimsuit on the beach this year. 

So, in that vein, I am strongly considering doing the Advocare 24 day challenge.  If all goes as planned, jeff and I will begin on Nov 3 and it will end on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  I am hoping that this will help me through the holiday season.  I need to get myself off the large amounts of sugar that this girl consumes.

I got my trial packets of spark yesterday and I love it.  I didn't drink coffee this am and I felt 'alert'  kinda weird huh.  I also drank a ton of water this am...well, more than usual.  (I normally drink quite a bit of water)

Next race is November 11.  4 miles.  Finish on the 50 yard line at the Horseshoe! (Ohio State stadium)

Then I need to figure out next year race schedule!

Monday, October 7, 2013

{Run Like A Girl Half Marathon}

So, if my memory serves me correctly, this was my eleventh half marathon.  Fun huh!

This was my first half marathon since May, 2011.  My first marathon with my baby girl.

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty. 

Friday night, I was a basket case.  My stomach was in knots.I made spaghetti, meatballs and garlic bread.  I did have a glass of wine.  I did drink over a gallon of water for fear of dehydration.

I had everything all laid out.  My shoes, socks, sports bra, shirt, skirt, headband, spibelt, Garmin charging, fuel belt ready, water in the frig. 

I got everything out for Lillie too.  Shoes, socks, outfit, bow...bottles ready, toys diaper bag backed.

Time for bed.  I went to bed about 8:00, I knew I wouldn't sleep great.  I actually slept better than I thought I would.  I got up at 5:30.  Went down and ate oatmeal and had a cup of coffee.  I made the decision to use my hand held water bottle rather than the fuel belt.  I am glad I did.

I got dressed and after hearing the weather forecast, I decided to wear a tank rather than a short sleeved shirt.  Another smart move.

I got Lillie up at 6:00am and fed her while Jeff was getting ready. 

Goal was to leave the house no later than 6:45...we made it.  Traffic was bad getting out of town.  Hysterical since we live in farm town, USA. 

We made it downtown and Jeff and Lill dropped me off so I could get race ready. 

I met up with a couple girls from the Moms Run this Town.  It was nice to have pre race jitters/chats with people 'who get it'  We took our picture and then went our separate ways to get ready.  Marcie was doing the half with me.  Katie was doing the10k.

I wondered over to the Portapotty.  Normally I don't use them but I really had to pee (remember over a gallon of water)  I will say a Women's Only race made the portapotties a whole lot cleaner.  I was impressed with the cleanliness. 

Then I met back up with Jeff and Lill.  I was happy I got to spend a few minutes with them before the race.  Lill is so cute...I just want to be with her constantly.

I, then, wondered over to the start line. 

There wasn't much direction from the directors.  But after a few minutes, we were off.  No one was ready because the race started about 10 minutes early.  UNPRECEDENTED.

These are my miles....now miles 5 and 8 were off

1 - 10:50
2 - 11:28
3 - 11:42
4 - 11:37
5 - 13:11
6 - 10:38
7 - 12:36
8 - 12:25
9 - 13:23
10 - 13:12
11 - 14:23
12 - 13:24
13 - 13:50
.1 - 1.07

The race was touted as being flat.  it was not.  I mean it wasn't hilly in that they were big hills but there were hills going over the bridges, going down to the trails coming up from the trails.  Not making excuses.  I am just thrilled to have finished.

My goals for this race were simple.  First since I had done all training run with Lill and the stroller.  I had no idea of a pace.  I discovered that I lean on the stroller.  MUST. STOP.  So my goals were to finish and not in last place.  I completed both goals.  Actually I think I finished about middle of the pack. 

Please, please remember to wear a ROAD ID.  My friend, Marcie passed out and they had to go over the loud speaker to get any family/friends.  She dehydrated due to the heat at mile 11.  She remembers hitting her Garmin to stop it before she went down.  She was taken to the hospital by ambulance and thankfully released at 2.  She is feeling much better today.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

{lack of sleep} - Day 3 of 31

So, Lillie has been a really good sleeper really since the beginning, so I am not really complaining.  HOWEVER, my normally good sleeper is having a bit of a time getting a good night sleep.  She has a cold/allergies.  Last night was the worst night she has ever had.

She woke up SCREAMING and I mean screaming.  It took her quite awhile to calm down.  Poor baby. 

She is on her second nap of the day.  I am hoping we are over the worst of it.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So What Wednesday

So I am linking up with Shannon at L.A.I.D..

  • if I am too lazy to link her logo.
  • if I am addicted to CUTIES.  you know, Clementines, yeah, I bought a bag on Monday evening and it is almost gone.  No one got fat eating fruit, right?
  • if it is noon and Lill is still playing in her jammies.
  • if I am running my ??half marathon and I am more nervous than my first
  • if I don't recall how many halfs I have done...
  • yep, just counted it out-Saturday will be my 11th half marathon BOO-YAH!
  • if I am going to my Bible Study tonight and I still haven't found my Bible, guess, I need to do that.
  • if I am freaking out that tonight will be the first time I am not home to put Lill to bed, since I will be at previously mentioned Bible Study.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

{Training Tuesday}

So, I am 4 nights out from my half marathon.

Last week, I got in all training runs, including my 10 mile with Lillie.  I haven't idea how this race is going to go. I kinda think I have been leaning on the jogging stroller.  My average pace with the stroller has been 12:10-12:30, I would think I would be faster without the stroller...who knows.

I did cut out today's 4 miles. My legs felt heavy, decided it wasn't worth it.  I will go out for 3 tomorrow and 2 on Friday.

I am going to take next week off, I think. Then pick up spinning.

I am hoping my post race workouts will look like this:
Monday- spinning am
Tuesday- run afternoon
Wednesday- spinning am
Thursday -off
Friday-run afternoon
Saturday/Sunday I would like to get a swim in, but we'll see.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lillian Rose - 6 months old

Lillie turned 6 months old on Sunday.  Yep, momma is behind.  What else is new?

so let's see...according to my scale and measuring, she is about 20 lbs and 27.75 inches long.  We go to the dr next week. but if these stats are close to correct she is 97% for both height and weight.

Diapers - still wearing a 3

We have 3 teeth.  The front two bottom and on top we have to the left of center.

She LOVE vegetables and tolerates fruit, except pears.  She hated them

She still loves the kicking piano, and the Baby Einstein jumper.

She hasn't been sucking her thumb as much (Amen)  I haven't encouraged or discouraged that!  She will wake up during the night and get her wubanub herself.  So cute

Her day is typically like this:
7:00-7:30 wake up and have a bottle
7:30-9:30 play on the floor
9:30-10:00 nap
10:00-11:30 play typically jumper
11:30-12 bottle #2
12:00-2:00 nap..sometimes she only gets an hour
2:30-3:00 we get ready to go run
3:00-4:30 run with mommy
4:30 - play on floor
5:00 eat veggies or fruit
then it gets hazy...she takes a bath, gets ready for bed...cuddles with daddy. 
sometime between 7:30-8:30-ish she goes to bed...

she is scooting all over the place.  I know crawling is just days away.

She is loves to smile and laugh.  She loves to cuddle

She blows raspberries and growls.

She is just the light of our lives. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

{Training Tuesday}

Let's see last week was hot as...as...well, you know.  The temperatures broke Thursday.  Lill and I went out.  We made it 6.77 miles.  Not bad.

Sunday I met up with a group of Moms.  We ran just over 3 miles.

Plan today is to get in about 1:45 of running in as soon as I am finished with work.

Thursday is 5 miles

Sat/Sun...not sure...I would like to run with the moms group.  They are going in groups 3-19 miles.  So if possible I would like to do 12.  But we will see.

Monday, September 9, 2013

First Race Post Lillie!

a friend of mine from high school lost her mom a few years ago to Ovarian Cancer.  When she asked if I would put a sign in my yard for the race, I had to say yes and I had to do the race.  So, Saturday morning, I had to dig out my race belt...thankfully, it was right where I thought it was!  WHEW!

Then I had to remember a race plan.  Morning routine and then add Lill into the picture.

I got up at 6:00.  Ate my almond butter toast with honey and a cup of coffee...yummy.  (I forgot how much I loved that breakfast for fast energy and yumminess)

I got dressed in running skirt, and sleeveless top.  Then I got Lill up and get her dressed.  She was NOT happy about the early wake up.  Normally she gets up between 7-8, she was not ready at 7 yesterday.

We left to head downtown about 7:15-7:30

We made it to the parking and there was a line to get in...Parking was $8.00.  I certainly hope that money was donated to the Ovarian Cancer Fund.

We got Lill's in the BOB and headed up to the registration table.  We got ourselves registered, got our shirt and our numbers and we were ready to go.

We stood around for a little bit along the river.  I forgot how pretty the downtown area has become.  We really need to explore our new city.

They began to call people over to the start of the race, so we kissed Jeff good-bye and Lill and I went ot the start.

So, this is where it gets fun...yeah, we'll call it fun. 

So, they had people with signs that said 6 min mile; 8 min mile, 10 min mile, 12 min mile and WALKERS...so yeah, people can't read or chose not to and there were people lined up at the 6 min mile that had no business being there...they were clearly walkers.  so I knew the start was going to be ugly.

Then the clock says 9:30...no start...ugh, Lill likes the BOB, but only if moving.  She was losing patience as was I.  There was a group of girl scouts who were going to run as a troop.  Now first I applaud these girls for running a 5k.  I applaud them for wanting to make a difference and raising money.  BUT (you knew it was coming) they (and their leaders) should NOT have run 8 people across the road.  Bad idea. 

So we were finally able to run about 5 minutes into the race. We had a few bouts of getting behind a group and we had to maneuver around. (Running a race with a stroller is interesting!)

Okay, now we are moving literally.  I had some time to make up for...so off we went...{cue the running music} feet to the pavement.

Lill did good, but she was hot and beginning to lose patience.  The extra 'waiting' time pushed her to the limit.  I kept trying to have her find her 'happy place' (sucking her thumb)

We were making it close to the finish...loved the final hill...not.  Oh well, we took off.  Final time 35 something.  Not where I had secretly hoped but, I met two of my three goals. 

Three goals for the race:
  1. finish the race
  2. finish in under 37 minutes
  3. finish in 30 minutes.
Now we have a starting point to improve upon.  

Friday, September 6, 2013

Training Tuesday {on Friday}

So, training is in full swing.  I am backed up on getting the required runs in this week. Tuesday I finally did my weekend long run.  It was supposed to be 8 miles.  I ended up with 8.5, I misjudged the distance.  I seem to do that often.  Yesterday I ran my 4.  Tomorrow I should run 10 but I am doing a 5k on Sunday and while I am doing it not for time but for awareness for Ovarian Cancer.  I would still prefer to not be sore prior to the race. 

So...my plan is this....Saturday 3 miles, Sunday 5k, Monday day off, Tuesday 10 miles, Wednesday off, Thursday 5 miles, Friday off,  Saturday 6 miles

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Training Tuesday

Well, since last week, my training has not been stellar. Thursday I was just so tired. Lillie is cutting teeth and she just wanted to be held. Naturally, I complied. I didn't even do a long run this week. I should have done 8 miles on Sunday, but was totally exhausted.

I am feeling better this week. I got up and ran this am because the heat and humidity was supposed to be really bad this week.

So, the plan for the week is 4 miles Thursday am and then 8 on Saturday.

On a different type of training note...I ordered new bondi bands. These bands are great. I wore one through labor and delivery. It never moved. It was great.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Training Tuesday {on Wednesday}

I am in training mode for the Run Like a Girl Half.  It certainly is interesting training while working, having a baby and trying to keep a home and everyone in it happy.

I am trying to do my long runs by myself.  I love running with Lill...but the stroller, her carrier and Lill herself weigh in at about 55 pounds.  That is a TON of weight to be shlepping.  I do the short weekday runs with her.  {she sleeps}

Last week I ran 4 miles on Tuesday and Thursday.  Sunday am I ran 7 miles. 

Yesterday I ran 4 miles.  It was overly hot and humid.  Lots of water.

Thursday is 4 miles and Sunday is 8.

I'll get there...slow but sure..44 days until race day!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Family Reunion 2013

We took Lill on her first road trip. We went to Rock Island, IL to celebrate the annual family reunion. My dad's family has had an annual reunion as far back as I remember. Since my great aunt is the oldest, we now go to her, since she can't travel.

John Deere is headquartered in Moline, IL part of the Quad Cities.  We took Lill there too.

Lillie was such a good traveler.  She slept through Indiana and pretty much through Illinois.  She slept through the John Deere pavilion, too!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Four Months 10 days

So Lillie, I am late getting this posted. You are four months, I can't even believe it. At your doctor appointment yesterday you weighed in at 17pounds .05 ounces and are 26 1/4 inches long. You are such a happy baby, except when you don't nap. You typically sleep from 8pm until 6am. You wake up in smiles. You are definitely a morning girl. You are taking a bottle and eat between 24-32 ounces a day. You love your bottle and squeal like a little piggy when it is gone. We are on our first long road trip and so far baby girl, you are doing great . When we get home you get to start eating fruits and veggies. You love to put on pretty clothes and big bows. When mommy changes your diaper you look up at all your bows and smile real big. It makes my heart melt.

You are {this close} to rolling over. I keep thinking that this will be the day. You have recently started to enjoy books and you like to be read to. You also love your baby doll and wubbanub. You like to hold the wubbanub more than have it in your mouth. You really prefer your thumb.

You are still in a size 3 diaper and will probably be in that for quite awhile.

Mommy and daddy are beginning to make plans for beach vacations for next year. We are hoping to go to Myrtle Beach and then Uncle Nick and Aunt Kara are getting married next August on Cape Cod. I can't wait to watch you running in the sand. So sweet, baby girl.

Mommy and daddy love you very much!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

4th of July

I sparkle brighter than fireworks!

Daddy and Lillie


Addie - not real happy

Addie can you smile for me?

The three boys with their three girls

Sweet Kendyl

We celebrated the fourth at the annual 4th of July party.  There was so much food, fun and family.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 2 & 3

So two years ago today was my Emergency room visit when I 'knew' I was miscarrying....

One year ago today, we had our IUI which got us Lillie!

I am so grateful!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Three Months!

Lillian 1 month

Lillian 2 months

Lillian 3 months

I just can't believe that my Lillian is three months old already.  She is developing quite the personality.  I just love her SO much.  I can't imagine my life without her.

She follows her daddy and I around.
She loves to watch us dance.
She loves if we make farting noises!  She will laugh out loud.  Which is an awesome sound.
She loves her bottle and squeals like a little piggy when it is gone.
She loves to take her bath
She likes tummy time now.  I know she will be rolling soon.  She lifts her head so high.
She likes going to church, she loves the extra attention people give her. 
She likes getting her diaper changed and looks up at her hairbows and smiles so big when she sees them. 

She wears a size 3 diaper now.  We moved her up last week when we finished the last box of 2s.
She takes a 6 ounce bottle every 4 hours, except through the night.  Then she typically sleeps from 9-anywhere between 6-8am. 
She enjoys playing with Sophie, her baby and the pink rattle.

Lots of firsts to come this month!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Are we a one and done?

or do we have the option to give Lillie a sibling?

I have made no secret that Lillie was a VERY wanted child.  She was NO mistake.  She was planned and prayed for by many.

The  fertility doctor said that neither Jeff nor I have a problem.  (More me because of my age, he rated my fertility to that of a 26 year old.)  So conceivably, (ha, conceive) we could have more children.

The case for not having a second baby:

  • Well, Lill is perfect.  How could we have another perfect child?
  • The risk for us having a special needs child is greater (due to my age) but based upon all out testing with Lill, the odds are reduced that we would have one.  Although Downs Syndrome is different for each child.
  • We want to be able to send Lill to private school.  At $3k per year for pre-K, K-8 I don't know how we would afford that and food.  I have kinda gotten used to eating.
  • We want to spoil Lill, with extras-lessons, clothes, time.  A second child would limit what we would be able to do.
The case for having a second baby: 

  • I would love to have a little boy.  I know Jeff would too.
  • Lillie would have someone to grow up with.
  • I would like to be pregnant again, hopefully without any issues this time.
  • Once Jeff and I are gone, Lillie would have someone to share experiences with.
  • I know we have lots of love to share with another baby.
Is love enough?  There is a new book out that I would like to read One and Only: The Freedom of Having an Only Child, and the Joy of Being One.  

Until there is any reason to worry or wonder i am going to enjoy every moment of my one and only perfect baby girl

Friday, June 7, 2013

11 weeks

I can't believe it has been eleven weeks since the Princess has joined our family.  She makes me so happy each day.

Lillian loves
  • Her musical gym
  • Sophie the giraffe
  • her hairbows - seriously, she looks up at them when I am changing her and she smiles!
  • the bath!
  • running
  • her bottle
  • mommy and daddy

Monday, June 3, 2013


Jeff and I are beginning a new plan.  We are going low-carb. He is doing Atkins.  I am doing a modified version.  I have to have some carbs.  So far, it is going well.  I am hoping that this mixed with my running will help my abs.  Ugh. 

I got my new shoes and ran in them yesterday.  I can't wait to run again today!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So training...

Well, Lillie and I have been running.  We are slow and steady.  I load Lill into her car seat and then pop her in the BOB Stroller.  A lifesaver, makes running so much easier.  I load my tunes (only use one headphone, so I can hear) and I load my C25K.  Away we go. 

I have been struggling with shoe/sock issues for quite awhile.  Actually since last year when I got new shoes.  So, my right sock kept slipping down into my shoe.(Remember walking last summer Janet?)  I tried different socks, same problem.  It wasn't such a big deal.  When I began walking after pregnancy, both socks began slipping.  Annoying.  Then I began running and both socks slipping and blisters on both heels. 

I tried bandaids, no go.
I tried new socks, no go.
I tried a heel pad, nope
I tried moleskin, no go.

The blisters were getting worse and more painful.  I *knew* the problem was shoes.  I just hated to buy new shoes.  But I did it yesterday, and they should be delivered tomorrow.  I am giving my heels until Friday to heal up a bit. 

So, the moral of this story is:

Just because you get a pair of $200 dollar shoes for $30 bucks.  If they aren't your normal brand, be prepared for issues.  Just because they are cheap doesn't mean that they will work for you!  I should have bought them and donated them.

I am back to Mizzuno's and I can't wait!  Training for half marathon Oct 2013 back in business!

I purposely didn't mention the brand of shoes caused blisters because it is a very good brand and works well for some people, just not me.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

2 Months {Edited}

I can't believe my baby girl is 2 months old already!  As much as I love the newborn cuddlebug, I am loving watching her blossom.  Her little personality is showing and she definitely inherited a lack of patience and temper from two people I know...not mentioning any names.

Let's see in her second month...she met her great-grandparents, went to work with mommy, had her first Derby Day, she was baptized, she moved up to size 2 diapers, discovered her hands, loves to look at herself in the mirror.  She has started watching Chloe's Closet on Sprout.  She still loves the Baby Bjorn, she takes 6 ounces of formula every 4-ish hours, she loves her wubanub, Sophie the giraffe and her piano activity mat.  She has started running with mommy.

She weighs 13 lbs 7.5 ounces and is 23.5 inches long.

She is such a sweetheart.  She loves her mommy and daddy very much.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Meeting Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Bailey

Great Grandma Bailey

Great Grandpa Bailey

Lillian Rose Baptism II

Godfather Uncle Billy, Godmother Christy, Daddy mommy & Lillian

Fr. Missini

Great Aunt Ellen, Great Uncle Doug, Cousin Sarah

Great Uncle Greg, Cousin Jamie and Richard

Uncle Billy, Daddy, Mimi, Mommy & Lill

Christy, Uncle Billy, Fr. Missini, Mommy, Lillian and Daddy

Fr. Missini blessing the pin from Grandma &Pawpaw Marsh and rosary from Christy

Uncle Billy, Christy, Lillian

Uncle Billy & Lillian

Mommy, Daddy & Lillian

Grandma & PawPaw Marsh

Pap, Mimi & Lillian

Sarah, Great Aunt Ellen, Uncle Billy, PawPaw & Lillian

Jamie, Sarah Great Uncle Greg, Great Aunt Ellen, Mommy, Uncle Billy, PawPaw and Lillian
 This was everyone who was at the Baptism who wore the Baptismal gown - Maggie and Uncle Nick are missing.  My Great Aunt bought it for my dad's Baptism and most have worn it since.  We think that other family members wore it as well.

The Three Smpson girls -l to r Kendyl, Lillian and Adeline

Grandma Marsh worn out from too much partying!