Monday, November 11, 2013

Ohio State 4 miler - a PR for momma!

So, when I heard of this race at OSU where you finish on the 50 yard line of The Shoe, I was all in.  My cousin, Sarah also signed up. 

Jeff, Lill and I went down on Saturday to pick up the packet.  As soon as I got out of the car, I was quickly reminded of how awful the wind is/was on that end of campus.  Brrrr.....I got the numbers and shirts and we took off for the Bookstore.  (who knew Long's closed in 2005) we walked around the bookstore and then headed home.

I met up with my aunt and cousin for some shopping and dinner.  Such fun, but I missed my girl.

Sunday am...RACE DAY!  I got up at 5am and did my morning Advocare routine and put everything for chili in the crockpot.  I ate an apple and almond butter pre-race.

I consulted the 'dress the runner' feature on runner's world.  For the first time, ever it was wrong.  I started out in capris/ long sleeved shirt...then changed to long pants, UA turtleneck and vest...with hat and gloves...perfect for running.

We heading down to campus and picked Sarah up, Jeff got parked and Sarah and I headed off to the stadium.

We made our way to the stadium and walked out where we could look out on the field all ready for us to run through the chutes.So very cool.

We hung out under the stadium waiting for the start.  It was COLD, that wind is awful.  Finally it was getting close to race time and I suggested we go find the start of the race.  Out in the real wind we went and got to the 10 mile pace group.  It was fun...they had former players there and the Conditioning coach up on a platform chanting and doing warm ups. 

Finally it was our turn to start...Brutus Buckeye was at the start to high five.  We took off turning left at Woody Hayes (we saw my aunt, Jeff and Lille) and crossing over to turn onto John Herrick Dr.  I was feeling great.  Trying to keep my pace at 10 minute miles.  I wanted to go much faster.  I held back! Mile one was a breeze.

We headed back across the 'Old and Grungy' to main campus.  Still feeling really strong - up 12th Ave, we were getting close to mile 2, I told Sarah, I was going to get water and walk for 30 sec.  I grabbed water and walked and I lost Sarah.  I thought she kept running so I was trying to find her.  We turned onto College Ave and I still couldn't find Sarah.  Down 17th Ave...over to 19th Ave. Mile 3,  I can't believe how fast this race was going!  I was looking at all the old building and new ones since 1990.  Amazing growth.  I loved it so much! We turned onto Woodruff and started heading toward the stadium.  I felt great, but was afraid I was going to run out of steam at the stadium so I walked for 15 sec.  Then back to running.  Felt strong...heading down Tuttle Pkwy and  around the stadium...headed into the stadium.  I went in the stadium and what a feeling!  AMAZING!!!  I ran over to the side so I could run on the turf field as much as possible!  I turned the corned slapped high five with Bobby Carpenter and sprinted to the finish!  My Garmin time said 39:31.  I did it, my estimated time was 45 minutes.  I was hoping to go 40 and praying for anything with a 3 as the first digit...even 39:59...My official chip time was 39:29...SOOO HAPPY!  Now I want to do a 5k and see if I can bust that PR!

After the race, I met up with Sarah who was behind me...she had to stop at mile 2.  We walked through and got the AWESOME medal.  I loved this race.  I can't wait to do it next year!!!!

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