Monday, April 28, 2014

What's next???

well, since last Monday, I have been thinking more and more about running my 5th marathon.  I really want to do one...I am just trying to figure out some timing.  I would really like to do the Columbus Marathon in mid-October.  It 'should' be cooler and is allegedly flat. 

I know a couple of friends who are training for the full in Columbus, so I could train with them.  I definitely do so much better when training with friends.  (They are training with MIT, so I would have to sign up for that.)

I "need" something to train for in order to keep me off my ass this summer.  (If I don't do the full, I will be doing the half)

My goal for 2014 is to do a 2 hour half.  Which I think I would rather keep with as a goal. 

I think I would rather get my speed up for hopes of a faster marathon in 2015.

Plus, if we are going to get pregnant, I am hoping it will be sooner rather than which case I would be pregnant for the full and I don't want training to mess with pregnancy.  I have been told that I wouldn't have the same issues as with my previous pregnancies.  (Hmm, we'll see)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Xenia Half Marathon - 13 half marathon

I admit, I signed up for this race because well, it was cheap. 

I started training the week of Feb 3.  I did well except one week when I was sick and then the week before the race.  I didn't miss any long runs, and I did 2 - 10 milers.

The week of the race, I really didn't do a whole lot.  I did try to eat a bit cleaner...

The night before the race was the UK Final Four game.  I did doze a little during the game but woke up for the end and I was listening! But after the game I couldn't sleep...WIDE AWAKE...nerves started.  ugh.

Woke up at 5am, made toast with almond butter and honey.  Yummy. Had coffee. 

Got dressed.  I wore my new capris and a long sleeved shirt.  UK bondi band, balega socks, enell bra, mizuno shoes.  Perfect for the weather.

Stephanie picked me up at 6.  Away we went.

We got to Xenia and picket up our race packet and neon orange shirt.  We went to the restroom and then headed back to the car to get our numbers on and get fuel belts ready.  I ended up wearing my fuel belt with 2 bottles and my spibelt with my phone.   I didn't use my music at all.  Stephanie and I talked and she was highly entertaining.

So we got to the start.  a gun went off but the race didn't start...then a few seconds later, the race began.  Odd.

Off we went. 

Mile 1 - 10:51
Mile 2 - 10:46
Mile 3 - 11:19
Mile 4 - 10:48
Mile 5 - 11:06
Mile 6 - 11:40
Mile 7 - 10:47
Mile 8 - 11:07

Mile 9 - 12:02
Mile 10 - 11:56
Mile 11 - 11:29
Mile 12 -12:47
Mile 13  - 11:18
.1 - 1:30

Average pace was 11:22...not bad.  I took over 15 minutes off my time from Run Like a Girl.  So, now it is game on...I gotta get to a 2 hour half.  It might kill me but I am so excited I know I can do it.  I have researched speed workouts and WILL be incorporating that into my workouts.  I am also going to add some cross training and weights.  I believe that will help.

I am excited to to pick fall races...

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Half Marathon

I have a half marathon on the schedule for Sunday.  I have done the training.  I have made travel arrangements.  I think I have an outfit picked out...Why do I feel so disorganized and not ready for this?