Monday, April 27, 2015

Mommy Mile - PR 27:48

Mommy mile is a new race for the area.  There was lots of hype surrounding this race.  The swag bag was supposed to be valued at $300 dollars.  I am not really certain it is, but I got the 31 bag that I really wanted, so who cares.  There was a 31 utility bag, a mommy mile t-shirt (cotton) a bunch of coupons - most of which I threw away.  There is a coupon for an oil change, which is really nice, but  I won't use.  Anyway, at the end of the race, there was a medal, a rose and a glass of champagne. 

So, the course was around the Mall at Polaris.  If anyone ever says that it is flat there I will punch them.  There were slight gradual hills.  When driving, I am certain you don't feel the incline, but when running you feel them. 

The race started.  I never did hear the National Anthem.  Perhaps, I missed it but I always like that at the beginning of a race.  The race started with not much fanfare.  We were off.  The first mile, I spent weaving in and out of people and strollers.  I seriously believe it is wonderful that you can run with a stroller.  I do it...but please run where people are able to pass you. 

Anyway, mile 1 was awfully quick.  Mile 2 seemed even quicker.  We got to the 3 mile mark and we had WAY more than .1 to go.  It do think the course markers were off.  I think I did an okay job of running the angles but, I think the course was short.  That said I did PR this race.  I am not positive if it is an overall PR or just a PR post Lillie.

I finished 88 out of 1003.  Top 10%  I finished 66th female of 882 and I finished 13 out of 147 for my age group.  I am pretty darn proud of myself.

After the race Channel 10 interviewed Megan.  And after that we left.  I have been flying high ever since.  i hope to beat my previous half time next Saturday.  I would LOVE to finish 2:10 - 2:14  We'll see.  I am going to try to keep it easy to mile 10 then push. We shall see!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Time for a check in

Well, it is about time for my quarterly post.Jeff and I are in the last heavy training week for the Cap City Half.  He has an achy calf that keeps pestering him and I am dealing with Achilles tendonitis.  Good times here, my friends. 

My training during the week is stellar, my long runs have been hit or miss.  I have done a couple 8 milers.  This weekend I want/plan to get the 10 in.  My training program has 17, but no, I am sorry, I will go up to 12 for a half but I am not doing more.  Shame on me, maybe it is why I can't break the 2 hour mark.  Eh, I am getting there. 

I really feel like I would do much better if I fueled myself properly.  I really should follow some sort of plan besides the eat it all plan.