Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve {RESOLUTIONS}

So, I guess I need to add my NY resolutions out in the blogosphere...

2014 is a year of two beach vacations.  We are going to Myrtle Beach with Jeff's family in July and then the beginning of August going to Provincetown for Nicholas and Kara's wedding.  I am so excited for both trips.

With two beach trips means two weeks I am going to have to wear a swimsuit.

This said I give you my 2014 Resolutions.

Be able to wear a non-mom/non-triathlete swimsuit.  I don't mean I want to wear dental floss, but I would like to wear a nice fairly 'hot' swimsuit this year. 

In order to get into said swimsuit, I have a plan.

Jeff and I did the Advocare 24 day challenge in November.  We will do (I think) 2 more challenges before the beach.

I also have plans to run 500 miles in 2014.  (My original goal was 1000.  After reviewing the numbers, I am not sure that is attainable, so I lowered it to 500, but may increase it to 800)

I want to run at least 2 half marathons - possibly more if time and money permit.

I would really, really like to run a sub 2 hour half marathon.  I don't care if it is 2:59:59...I just want to see a 2 on the clock.  I am hopeful that this is attainable...with weight loss and strength training.  Fingers crossed.

So far, my resolutions have all been health conscious.  I have a couple more resolutions that I am going to hold in my heart for now.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2014 {Lillie's First}

 Getting ready to head to Kentucky.
 We had Christmas with Grandma & PaPa Marsh (Uncle Nick and Uncle Billy)  Her favorite gift was Uncle Nick's retainer & case!  After we opened presents and visited for a little bit we went to Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa's house.  We opened presents and visited there.  Lillie just hung back and watched the entertainment.  Lillie also had Macaroni & Cheese for the very first time!  Then, we headed home so Santa could come!
 Our tree after Santa visited.
 Lillie isn't s sure what to think!  She was still SO tired.

 After we opened presents at our house, we went to MiMi and Pap's house.  When it was time to eat, Lillie wore the same bib that Mommy wore for her first Christmas!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Cali {4/29/2009-12/16/2013}

We got Cali in June 2009.  I was so excited to have a sweet little purse puppy.  I thought I could pack and take her anywhere...she was adorable and tiny.  We socialized her but quickly saw that my girl had issues.  We tried behavior modifications, we tried ignoring, we tried wearing her out, you name it we tried it.  I was told that after she is spayed she will calm down, after she is 2, after she is 3...yeah, my girl never calmed down.  She was on high alert at all times.  We got Sammy primarily to play with Cali.  Yeah, that didn't work either.

After Lillie was born we basically kept the two separated.  We were on pins and needles whenever they were close together.  We had the dogs barricaded in the kitchen.  If anyone came to visit they went to their crates.

Cali was good with Lillie.  She would go over and lick Lill, she would sniff her and watch. But we were on edge because what if she snapped...would Lillie move to fast and Cali go off?  we just never knew.

Each evening after Lille would go to sleep we would let the pups out and Cali would curl up with me under the blanket for night snuggles. (that was time when I believe Cali would relax )

Last Saturday, Cali bit Jeff.  It was unprovoked, he was petting her and she lashed out. 

That was the final straw for us.  We needed to do something to ensure Lillie's safety. 

I called the Vet and spoke with him for quite awhile about what to do.  We brought her in to visit him.  We came to the conclusion that the smartest thing to do was let her sleep.  She had several disorders and we could probably correct one but another would/ could become stronger.  He (the Vet) said we could try medications but that it could make the behavior worse.

We made a very tough decision, very tough.

Cali girl~ you were a beautiful pup.  You were a good friend and a wonderful neighborhood watch dog.  Thank you for all your snuggles.  Thank you for protecting us from the leaves, the wind and letting us know when anyone was walking by.  You were a loved dog.  Please rest now, baby.