Tuesday, September 25, 2012

week 14

How far along? 14 weeks 1 day
Baby size?  A lemon (aren't peaches bigger than a lemon?)
Total Weight Gain? 1 pound!
Maternity Clothes? Just pants.
Stretch Marks? No
Sleep? I sleep great until 3-5.
Best Moment of the Week? Hearing Baby's heartbeat last Friday-150
Miss Anything?  Running, Wine, BACON
Movement?  Not that I can feel...when the doppler was on my belly, Baby kicked the doppler many times.  Dr chuckled about all the movement!
Food cravings?  Nope. 
Exercise?  I plan to start walking...seriously!
Labor Signs? No thank you.
Eating?  This week has been better I have been trying to eat something every couple of hours, I seem to feel better
Symptoms? Tired, Acne, gassy
Wedding Ring on or Off? On
Belly Button in or Out? In
Mood?  Good, I think.
Looking Forward to? Well, not pregnancy related but Brad, Kerri, and Addie are coming to visit as well as my Aunt and Uncle.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let's Recap the first Trimester

First, I am totally confused about the start of the second trimester...some places say Week 13, some week 14, some even week 12...well, I am going with 13.3 weeks.  Mathematically, I find this the most accurate.  Forty weeks divided by three is thirteen weeks, three days.  That, my friends, is TOMORROW!

July 13 positive beta test
July 14-15 - paint the new house
July 15 beta increased!!
July 23 - repeat beta since I lost all symptoms
July 26-29 - Family reunion to Rock Island, IL
July 31 - CLOSE on NEW HOUSE!!
August 3 first see our little Bean with a heartbeat
August 3-4 - MOVE!
August 11 spotting - RE put me on bedrest
August 13 first ER visit - bean's heartbeat is nice and strong - given rhogam shot
August 15 - Second ER visit - passed a clot the size of my fist.  Kitchen floor looked like a crime scene.  Bean still growing and heart is still strong.  (Praise God!) Diagnosed with subchlorionic hemorrhage  - Modified Bedrest.
August 23 - first visit to new OB.  Bean looks great.  No sign of SCH.  See in one month.  Made appt for NTscreening
September 13 - NT screening - Bean is perfect.  Risk of abnormalities is that of a twenty-two year old.
September 18 - called dr at 2am for spotting.  No more signs of spotting, but told I could spot throughout the pregnancy. 
September 19 - feel pretty good today.

It has been a whirlwind first trimester.  I am thankful that it will be over quick.  I am patiently waiting for the days of glowing skin (ha) and waiting for Bean to kick.  Why is there no pregnancy book that gives you the 'real' pregnancy facts?  I feel like suck an anomaly,  the only thing that I have not done is throw up consistently - I have had nausea. 

Here is to the Second Trimester being fabulous - Visitors - Halloween - Thanksgiving.  I hope it goes quickly (I didn't add Christmas to this list as my Third Tri begins on Christmas Eve!)

Monday, September 17, 2012

13 weeks - 27 to go

How far along?  13 weeks!
Baby Size? a peach
Total weight Gain? 1 pound
Maternity Clothes? I wore a maternity outfit to church yesterday.  Boy, jeans are sooo comfy.  I think that might be the end of regular pants...shirts I can still wear.
Stretch Marks? Nope

Sleep? yes, please.  I am still very tired.  All. The. Time.
Best Moment of the week? I can't wait until Thursday...SECOND TRIMESTER...a totally different kind of TRI than I am used to!  I also get to stop the progesterone...today could be the last day, but I am going to take one until Friday.
Miss Anything? Running, wine, appetite
Movement? Not that I am aware of.
Food Cravings? Not really...
Exercise? I wish.  Hoping Friday I will be off restrictions
Labor Signs? No
Eating? Most of the time I am not really hungry.  I force myself to eat...

Symptoms? Tired, ACNE, gassy
Wedding Ring on or Off? On
Belly Button In or Out? In
Mood? I think Good, but I think we should ask Jeff!
Looking forward to? See best moment of the week!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Nuchal Translucency Screening

Yesterday morning was our NT screening.  About a week prior, I had done my science fair project and overnighted it to the lab so that we would have all results at the ultrasound.  We got to OSU about 8:40 for our 8:45 appointment.  We were first called back by a genetic counselor and went over family backgrounds.  Then we were called back for the ultrasound.  It was the first time I had an abdominal ultrasound.  That was rather nice.

The baby was all over the place.  He/she would not be still.  The technician commented about how long the legs were already.  It was amazing to see the legs and hands and feet even the fingers were visible.  Truly a miracle. 

Baby finally cooperated and we were able to get the neck measurement.  Jeff got to hear the baby's heartbeat that was measuring 155.

The doctor came in the room and gave us the results...the odds are very low for down syndrome, trisomy 13 and trisomy 18.  My odds jumped for being very high (primarily based upon age) to dropping very low to equal to a twenty-two year old.

The first picture is the profile.  
This picture is the legs!

Dr appointment next week and second trimester begins on Monday!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

12 weeks 3 days - 28 to go

How far along?  12 weeks 3 days
Baby size?  Plum
Total weight gain? one pound!!
Maternity clothes?  no, but it wont be long because everything is super tight.
Stretch marks? No
Sleep? good until 3 am...then I toss and turn
Best moment this week?  NT scan and seeing baby again
Miss anything? running, wine,
Movement? not yet
Food cravings?  I 'needed' a hot fudge sundae...but I blame Paula Deen for that...she made hot fudge sauce on her show that day!
Labor Signs?  No
Eating?  okay, sometimes  I still don't feel like eating, but I do anyway.
Exercise?  no allowed, hopefully, I will get the all clear next week
Symptoms? tired, nausea, acne
Wedding Ring on or Off? On
Belly Button in or Out? Innie
Mood? Good
Looking Forward to?  End of First Trimester on Monday!

Monday, September 3, 2012

11 weeks - 29 to go!

How far along?  11 weeks
Baby size? Lime
Total Weight Gain? not sure..who knows where the scale is
Maternity Clothes? Not yet, but most 'real' clothes don't fit.  Wearing lots of elastic waist pants
Stretch Marks? No
Sleep? Good
Best Moment this Week? um, it is over and closer to the promised 13 weeks!
Miss Anything? running, wine
Movement? no
Food Cravings? not really
Labor Signs? no
Eating? sometimes I don't really feel hungry, but I force myself to eat
Exercise? not allowed...waiting for the 2 weeks without spotting, then I can walk
Symptoms? tired, nausea, nails growing like crazy, acne
Wedding Ring On or Off? on
Belly Button In or Out? in
Mood? good
Looking Forward to? NT scan in 10 days!

On Saturday afternoon, after doing quite a bit of moving around I had some very brown spotting, which I was told was normal.  I immediately went to my couch and began pumping water.  I have not had any more spotting since.  I am not really nervous any more.  I was initially but I feel much better.  I have really been taking it easy again.