Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let's Recap the first Trimester

First, I am totally confused about the start of the second trimester...some places say Week 13, some week 14, some even week 12...well, I am going with 13.3 weeks.  Mathematically, I find this the most accurate.  Forty weeks divided by three is thirteen weeks, three days.  That, my friends, is TOMORROW!

July 13 positive beta test
July 14-15 - paint the new house
July 15 beta increased!!
July 23 - repeat beta since I lost all symptoms
July 26-29 - Family reunion to Rock Island, IL
July 31 - CLOSE on NEW HOUSE!!
August 3 first see our little Bean with a heartbeat
August 3-4 - MOVE!
August 11 spotting - RE put me on bedrest
August 13 first ER visit - bean's heartbeat is nice and strong - given rhogam shot
August 15 - Second ER visit - passed a clot the size of my fist.  Kitchen floor looked like a crime scene.  Bean still growing and heart is still strong.  (Praise God!) Diagnosed with subchlorionic hemorrhage  - Modified Bedrest.
August 23 - first visit to new OB.  Bean looks great.  No sign of SCH.  See in one month.  Made appt for NTscreening
September 13 - NT screening - Bean is perfect.  Risk of abnormalities is that of a twenty-two year old.
September 18 - called dr at 2am for spotting.  No more signs of spotting, but told I could spot throughout the pregnancy. 
September 19 - feel pretty good today.

It has been a whirlwind first trimester.  I am thankful that it will be over quick.  I am patiently waiting for the days of glowing skin (ha) and waiting for Bean to kick.  Why is there no pregnancy book that gives you the 'real' pregnancy facts?  I feel like suck an anomaly,  the only thing that I have not done is throw up consistently - I have had nausea. 

Here is to the Second Trimester being fabulous - Visitors - Halloween - Thanksgiving.  I hope it goes quickly (I didn't add Christmas to this list as my Third Tri begins on Christmas Eve!)

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  1. Happy 2nd trimester to you, Michelle! I’m glad that you were able to get pass the first trimester of your pregnancy! By this time, you will feel that the nausea subsides, and your baby bump is starting to show. Also, your appetite may increase at this phase, so better get to your OB-GYN fast that he can prescribe a better diet for you! And about the pregnancy facts, well, there are many kinds of general information available, but it would be best for you to feel the moment and enjoy each phase. Best of luck!

    -Chelsea Leis