Pregnancy Timeline

Friday, July 13 - Positive Beta - 25
Monday, July 16 - Second Beta - 190
Monday, July 23  -   i was having some cramping and loss of symptoms, I called Dr. Hecht and Dr. Leonelli to get another Beta test.  I will have results in the morning.  I spent most of the day in bed.
Tuesday, July 24 - Beta 1639  Everything is good.  Just relax.  Easier said than done.
Saturday, Aug 11 - woke up with some spotting, called dr and made appt to see him on Monday morning
Monday, Aug 13 - woke up to lots more spotting.  Freaking that I was miscarrying and I needed the Rhogam shot.  Went to ER.  Baby fine.  HB 160.  REST
Wednesday, Aug 15 - stood up from kitchen table and had massive blood gush onto floor.  Went to bathroom, passed a clot larger than a golf ball and went through two pads in 10 minutes.  Went to ER, got reprimanded for using the ER as a dr office.  They finally did an ultrasound and the baby is fine HB 156. Diagnosed with a subchlorionic hemorrhage.  Bed Rest.
Thursday,  August 23 - first appt with new OB.  Very good ultrasound great.  HB 172
Thursday, Sept 13 - Level 1 screening - perfect! :)  155 heart rate and long legs! With my Advanced Maternal Age...the NT screening brings the risk down to that of a 22 year old
Thursday, Sept. 20 - SECOND TRIMESTER
Friday, September 21 - dr appointment - stop progesterone. Baby heartbeat 150
Friday, October 19 dr appointment
Wednesday, October 24 - Level 2 screening - WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!!
Thursday, November 15 - Dr Appointment
December 3 - 24 weeks - viability
December  14Dr Appointment
January 3 dr appt/Rhogam
January 6- hospital tour
Wednesday, January 9 - Baptism Class
Saturday, January 12- Shower in Youngstown
Wednesday, January 16 - Ultrasound at OSU
Thursday, January 17 -dr appt
Sunday, January 20 - Shower in Cinci
Thursday, January 31- dr appt
Saturday, February 9- shower in Wheeling
Thursday, February 14 - dr appt
Thursday, February 28 - dr appt
Thursday, March7 - dr appt
Thursday - March14 - dr appt
Thursday, March 21 - dr appt
Monday, March 25 DUE DATE

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