Friday, December 18, 2015

Training? Am I training?

Ugh, the wheels have fallen off.  Last Friday, Lillie started not feeling great. Well, at 630 Friday night we had a puker.  Poor girl.  She just wanted her momma.  I got her to bed about 830 and at 1am she puked in her crib, I brought her in bed with us, but she couldn't sleep because of Jeff's snoring.  We went down on the couch and got a little sleep.  Saturday was me holding Lill pretty much all day.  She did sleep through the night Saturday and I woke her up at 9 on Sunday.  She was still not herself but began to perk up as the day went on.  Jeff went out to run Sunday am but it was cut short due to him not feeling well.  So I had 2 sickies.

Therefore Running this week has sucked. 

My plan for this week is to try to run Monday/Wednesday/Saturday.

Monday 45 min
Wednesday 45 min
Saturday 9-11 miles

The following week the plan is Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday

Tuesday 45 min
Thursday 45 min
Saturday 4-5 miles

The following week starts the two weekend runs.  Dear God help me!

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