Monday, April 30, 2012

Good Bye Uncle Russell

I found out this morning that my Uncle passed away about 2:00 AM.  He was surrounded by family in this life and I am certain he was welcomed home in the afterlife.  My Aunt Nancy, his wife; Robby, his grandson; his parents; my Grandma & Grandpa welcomed in.  It is so sad, but I know how hard it was for him after Nancy died.  They were a team and will now continue as such. 

There is no funeral scheduled.  That is what Unk wanted.  There will be a very small Memorial Service sometime this summer of just family and a few friends.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Unk update

Unk (is a family nickname for Uncle) was taken off life support yesterday.  He did very well.  He knew the day and date, he recognized everyone in the room...he was doing pretty well, considering. Apparently, last evening he took a turn for the worse.  He is in 'comfort care' and will be taken to Hospice at some point today.  It doesn't look good.

In other news, all my medications came for my next cycle.  WOW!  it made me pretty nervous.  But I am ready to being this next round!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Tricks

Yesterday I had my appointment in Cleveland.  I met with the doctor and the nurse to learn about the next steps.  First, let me say that I did an ultrasound and pregnancy test.  I am NOT pregnant.  I had pretty much given up on the idea anyway for this month.  This does indeed mean that we will not have a baby in 2012.  But 13 is my lucky number and what a wonderful way to bring in the new year than with a baby!  Right?!

I then learned how to give myself injections.  I will be giving myself injections of Follistim 150 units.  I will start that this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Then I will see the doctor on Monday morning for an ultrasound and blood work.  Then I will be instructed as to next steps.

After my follicles are ready to go, I will trigger with Ovidrel.  Then have the IUI thirty-six hours later.  Two days after the IUI, I will begin progesterone suppositories.  Hopefully this is our golden ticket to parenthood!

I NEVER thought I would be able to give myself these shots, but I really think I will be okay after I do the first one.  I have to be okay.  The doctor is very positive that we should get good results with this and he is really hoping that we do not have to go the IVF route.  (I am too!)

In very different news, I am awaiting word on my Uncle Russell.  He took a turn for the worse over the weekend.  He coded twice on Sunday and is in ICU in a medically induced coma.  They brought him out of the coma and he recognized people on Monday, but then had a seizure.  They put him back in the medically induced coma.  They began to bring him out yesterday and he had another seizure and then coded again.  Apparently he was out for awhile but then came back.  Seriously, no joke, my uncle died a few years ago and was pronounced dead and then came back.  He told us all about going to heaven.  He saw his parents, and Jesus.  They told him it wasn't time yet and then he started breathing again.  Hearing him tell this was AMAZING!  Today, they have instituted the DNR orders.  The doctors are going to remove the life support and basically see what happens. 

LET'S MOVE TO VERY POSITIVE NEWS, shall 99 days our house should be ready.  They began digging yesterday.  We were told 90-100 days, so we are going with 100...should be moved by mid August!!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Better news...and an Updated Plan.

Thank you SO much to everyone who commented or sent texts or called.  It really does help when going through this journey.  I know that all this heartache will end up with  sweet baby/ies! 

First, to report that the builder contacted Jeff and the digging will start on WEDNESDAY!  We should be in the new house by the end of July beginning of August!  Whoohoooo!!!

Second, our house closes in um, a month and I have packed five boxes!  Yes, five, you read that right.  UGH.  Thankfully I packed SO much last Fall that it really isn't as bad as it sounds.

Third and certainly not last...My fertility doc called this am.  He cannot believe that I am not pregnant.  (Yeah, I am trying to figure that out myself.) We have a new plan.  I am going to Cleveland tomorrow.  We are going to do an ultrasound.  I have not started my period yet.  The doctor just wants to confirm that I am indeed NOT pregnant.  Then if I am not pregnant, then I will have injection training.  The doctor wants to do one cycle with injectible fertility meds.  He thinks that this will work before we try IVF.  So we will do one cycle of injectibles with IUI then begin the procedure for IVF.  Thankfully, fertility treatments are covered by our insurance at 80%,  not that it is cheap, but it is better than no insurance.  I will have more information about the next procedure and what medication I will be injecting tomorrow. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012


My test this am was negative.
"Trust in the LORD with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him,and he will make your paths straight."

Friday, April 20, 2012


I am so nervous about tomorrow.  I know how ridiculous that sounds but I will be devastated if I am not pregnant.  I believe I am but what if...I don't want to do this IUI process again.  I will be having a serious discussion about fertility with my doctor if I am not pregnant.  Two cycles...first with four follicles second with five follicles.  everything I will want to know what the problem is if everything is perfect...what happens.  I know I am putting the horse in front of the cart so to speak, but I am nervous. scared.  I do want to go get a digital so that if I am pregnant I can see the digital words...but I don't want to spend the money.  ridiculous no?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Testing, Testing 1...2...3...

I am testing (finally in about 36 hours) I am kinda nervous.  I really think I am pregnant, but that could just be the fertility meds.  (Another sick joke in the IF journey).  If I am not pregnant, I am fat.  I am exhausted, but that could be because I am still fighting with allergy issues.  So, in summary, I am a fat, tired, allergic person, who is literally counting down until I can pee on a stick.  Anyone jealous!  LOL!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Vera Bradley Outlet Sale 2012

So, as many know I love Vera Bradley.  I think because the colors are so happy!  They just make me smile.  I have quite a number of bags and I have no idea how many I have, I just buy what I like and was able to get at a good price.  I now know how I got some of those deals on e-bay!

We got on the bus and pulled out at precisely 5:00 AM.  We drove about 2.5 hours and then had breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  (They had called ahead and they were basically waiting for us when we got there!)  After breakfast we were handed maps of the coliseum so we could begin our plan of attack!  I had done a little research online so I thought I knew what to expect.  HAHAHA!

We checked into our rooms and were given about 45 minutes to freshen up then we met to take the bus we pulled up and saw this MASSIVE line of people I thought to myself we will never get in.  I only had a granola bar and one bottle of water with me.  This line was crazy.  Well, we went to the bus entrance and were told, to talk single file, quickly into the holding room where they would explain how things worked.  We were ushered passed even more people waiting in lines inside.  We were taken to a room and told that with our hand stamp we could check out in the special check out.  I was still thinking that we had to wait in line...but NOOOOO, we went directly out to the sales floor where it was madness.  We all grabbed the XL Duffel which retails for $108 and was on sale for ...are you ready????  $39.99.  Holy Cow!  I grabbed two...One I used to put all my purchases.  (They did give us a pink shopping bag to put stuff in, But the duffel was easier)  we walked around just grabbing things..and loading up our bags.  I was impressed with the madness that there was all around, it was still very organized.  As tables became empty they would bring out more merchandise...they tried to keep things as neat as they could.  All the workers there were so pleasant!  I just couldn't believe how great it was!

After check out for the first day, I had amassed $650 in product for $211! After checking out we could wait in a holding room for the rest of our group.  there were tables with Vera Bradley tablecloths on them.  It was nice and relaxing in there.

We went back to our room and then over to the mall to get dinner.  We ate at Red Robin and our service was not great BUT the food was good!

We went back to the room to look at all our 'stuff'.  I ended up crashing at about 9 as I had been up since 1.

Sunday morning up early - got breakfast and were ready for round two!  We went over to the Coliseum by bus, naturally there were lines to get in.  The sale started at 10...we got in and waited about a minute and WE WERE THE FIRST PEOPLE ON THE FLOOR!  Oh was that exciting!  Prices had been reduced!  We were grabbing and putting things in bags...seriously I filled two pink bags within 20 minutes.  I got such great deals!  I was so excited.  As I was buying raffle tickets for a quilt and a car (A Vera Convertible) the woman asked me if I had a coupon...huh?  a coupon?  She said she would get me one.  It was a $10 off coupon!  OMG, I was so excited, I had to find Christy, Cindi and NeeNee...we did each get a coupon!

We then stood by the car with our bags.  We took turns running off to look at this that or the other item...we were able to be quick since we weren't lugging the bags!

We checked out and went to our holding they had water and cookies for us!  SO nice.  They also had Sharpie markers to mark our bags so they wouldn't get confused.

We boarded back to the bus and left Ft.Wayne to head home!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012


Throughout the excitement of five follicles, we had some other great news!

Thursday we had two showings of the house.  One at 1:30 and the other at 2.  Later that evening, I was asked if the second couple could come back at 10:30 Friday morning.  SOOOO, we got up at 5, drove to Cleveland for the scan, came home by 9 and then took the pups to my parent's house.  Once we got home, I lounged around doing some odds and ends.  At 4pm, Tom called and said we had a good offer and as soon as he got the contract, he would come up and go over it with us.  About 5 he came up and we got the offer.  We countered and they accepted.  YIPPEEEEE!!!!!  SOOOO, the inspection is tomorrow at 1:30.  Closing is set for May 22 and they take possession on June 5th!

We called the builder and we think things will move quick down there!  I am praying that by Labor Day we will all be living together in Delaware, OH!

Today is 2dpiui and other than the horrible allergies I am having I feel good.  I have to hold out 12 more days until I can test!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

IUI # 2

Today we went back to Cleveland for the second IUI. First, Jeff had to do his part, then they wash the sample. This takes about 45 minutes. We came back up and the procedure began. Let me just say that I hope to high heavens that this worked because it REALLY hurt this time. I mean like more of a difference between a male dr and a female nurse but then I think he did 'more' than the nurse. I dunno but it certainly was different than last time. I laid on the table for 15 minutes and we left.

We walked around legacy village and then went to Red Robin. YUMMM. I have taken it easy today. But tomorrow will be crazy! I pray that I have a sticky bean! Then I pray I have a happy healthy 9 months!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Basketball....and ovaries.

How about my Wildcats???  Whoohooo!!!  I actually stayed awake for the entire game.  It was so exciting.  I was weepy a few times but especially when they cut down that net!  I loved it!  My brother, Nicholas called me at 1:00 and had obviously been drinking was very excited about the game.  He was so funny.  but I couldn't get him off the phone for an at 2 I got him off and went to sleep.  My alarm went off at 5 to go run.  THREE hours of sleep.  Strangely enough, I felt pretty good all day yesterday.  I ran 2.5 in the morning and then walked 2.5-ish in the afternoon.  I am sure the WIN helped.

Now, the ovaries part of the topic!  I had my CD11 scan this am in Cleveland.  I have three follicles on the left and two on the right.  So five total.  The doctor was very pleased with how I respond to the Clomid.  Typically in women 41 my age, the response isn't as good.  My response is great especially since we lowered the dose of Clomid for this cycle.  He is also pleased that there are follicles on both sides rather than last time having them all on the right.

So, what does this mean?

Tomorrow am, I will do the OPK and report my results.  If positive, then the IUI will be Friday.  If negative, I will go to Cleveland on Friday morning and then trigger for IUI on Saturday.

I just can't help think that having the IUI this HOLY weekend is a very positive thing in my book.  

By the way, yes, five follicles could potentiality mean five babies.  I am not worrying about that, get me a positive pregnancy test and then I will worry....maybe!