Saturday, April 7, 2012

IUI # 2

Today we went back to Cleveland for the second IUI. First, Jeff had to do his part, then they wash the sample. This takes about 45 minutes. We came back up and the procedure began. Let me just say that I hope to high heavens that this worked because it REALLY hurt this time. I mean like more of a difference between a male dr and a female nurse but then I think he did 'more' than the nurse. I dunno but it certainly was different than last time. I laid on the table for 15 minutes and we left.

We walked around legacy village and then went to Red Robin. YUMMM. I have taken it easy today. But tomorrow will be crazy! I pray that I have a sticky bean! Then I pray I have a happy healthy 9 months!

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  1. Hugs!!! Hoping and praying along with you <3