Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thirty Days has September...

So, I have decided to do a challenge of sorts.  I am currently not training for anything specific.  I need something to keep my resolve to workout/run.  I am always up for a challenge.  Here is is.  For the 30 days of September, I am going to attempt to workout 20/30.  I think that is reasonable.  I really wanted to do a 30/30 but I know I will want need a day off or two.  By my definition a 'workout' is at least 30 a three mile run, a 30 minute get the point...I gotta get back into a routine!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A weekend of updates

This past weekend Jeff and I went to Cinci for my baby cousin's (on my mom's side) 25th Birthday Party.  It was wonderful to see everyone.  My grandparent's were able to be there which made everyone very happy.

Grandpa & Chip

Erin, Chip, Billy & Me
Chip & Me (the top is flowy; but I need to lose weight too)

It was so good to see everyone!  I wish I would have grabbed a picture before my grandparents and my aunt left.

P.S. - this week I would be 16 weeks and finding out if we were having a Baby Girl or a Baby Boy, bummer to say the least.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Um, what to write about

This blog is supposed to be about my pregnancy and becoming a mom. Since I had a miscarriage the blog is about trying to get pregnant again, SO, you all will have to bear with me as I discuss what really is TMI.  I apologize in advance. 

I started back temping immediately after the miscarriage.  I have my alarm set for everyday at 4:30 AM.  I roll over and take my temp then roll back over and fall back to sleep!  I chart my temps on Fertility Friend and based upon temps it tells me when I might ovulate then it shows when I do ovulate. 

So, based upon past charts I 'should' have ovulated on Aug 16...Fertility Friend says I ovulated on August 13...I called the doctor and asked what I should do and I am going in to have labwork on Sunday CD21.  This will tell if I ovulated based upon progesterone levels. 

I am very excited to have this done as I feel that I am 'doing something' to move us closer to getting pregnant.

Interestingly, I am so tired this week.  The last time I was this tired is when I was pregnant, so who knows...maybe I am just trying to do to much this week.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to Reality

Well, vacation has been over for almost 2 weeks.  We are getting back into our 'normal' groove;  whatever that is.  We are trying to keep busy.  We are trying very hard to find a new job for Jeff and honestly, I am getting excited for fall to be here.  Football, pumpkin spice lattes, the crisp cool air.  Hoping and praying that I will be pregnant again soon!