Friday, August 19, 2011

Um, what to write about

This blog is supposed to be about my pregnancy and becoming a mom. Since I had a miscarriage the blog is about trying to get pregnant again, SO, you all will have to bear with me as I discuss what really is TMI.  I apologize in advance. 

I started back temping immediately after the miscarriage.  I have my alarm set for everyday at 4:30 AM.  I roll over and take my temp then roll back over and fall back to sleep!  I chart my temps on Fertility Friend and based upon temps it tells me when I might ovulate then it shows when I do ovulate. 

So, based upon past charts I 'should' have ovulated on Aug 16...Fertility Friend says I ovulated on August 13...I called the doctor and asked what I should do and I am going in to have labwork on Sunday CD21.  This will tell if I ovulated based upon progesterone levels. 

I am very excited to have this done as I feel that I am 'doing something' to move us closer to getting pregnant.

Interestingly, I am so tired this week.  The last time I was this tired is when I was pregnant, so who knows...maybe I am just trying to do to much this week.

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