Friday, May 15, 2015

Cap City Half Marathon aka "the race I shouldn't have done"

So, let's just say that Cap City was awful.  I can't blame anything, it just wasn't my race.

I was coming off my 5k high of Mommy Mile and I have analyzed this race over and over to try to figure out what the heck happened .

Jeff and I got up early that morning and driver down to the race, had no issues with parking or anything.  I regret not getting in line for a port-a-potty.  We made our way down to the corrals.  I kissed Jeff and we separated.  I was in my corral and really needed to pee.  Again, I should have just gotten in line.

It was finally time for us to start.  I began running,  felt comfortable with the exception of needing to pee.  I finally stopped at mile 3 and thought then that I would find my groove.

at the cut off for the quarter, for the first time I wished I was only doing the quarter.  I just never felt relaxed in the run.  I wanted it to be over.

I struggled and just walked a large part of the race.

Still 2 weeks later, I still can't truly say what happened.  I have decided that I am going to concentrate on speed for a 10k and build back up to a half.  I still like that distance...just want to reach some goals.

Jeff has signed up for Cap City again next year.  I think I will just Sherpa!