Monday, December 29, 2014

Current Events for 2015

Yesterday was a big day for us.  Jeff signed up for his first half marathon.  We will both be doing the Cap City Half.  It is here in Columbus. I am so excited.  

Prior to that we are doing the NHL All-Star 5k.  It is January 24th. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

The weekend

So, I have never been so excited to put a weekend behind me.  I started the process at 8pm.  I woke up at 1am with awful cramping and that is when the process really started.  I fell back to sleep about 3am.  and work up at 5.  Ugh.  It continued. When I got up at 7:30, I felt fine but tired.  I tried to do somethings around the house.  When Lill napped, so did I.  I got up to have Jeff go pick up dinner and then I went to bed at 630p.  I woke up Sunday and felt much better.  Not 100% but definitely better.  I went out and finished Christmas shopping but came home very tired.  I am hoping to get to bed pretty early today.

Physically, it is over, now to heal emotionally.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

What's Been Happening

Who knew that the day after the last post that I would take a pregnancy test that would rock our world for the next 5 weeks?

On Wednesday, November 12, I randomly took a pregnancy test before going to the Y.  The test was positive.  After looking at it several times, I woke Jeff up to come look!  This was not something that was planned, but now as a possibility, it was very exciting.

I went online and determined a due date of July 22.  Very Exciting.

I called my doctor immediately to get a prescription of Progesterone.  The doctor didn't want to do bloodwork or see me until Dec 18th.

The next week was great.  The following Thursday(Nov 20), I had some spotting.  I called the office and they now wanted to do labwork and I asked about the Rhogam injection.  I went in for the labwork that afternoon.  I spoke to the nurse at length.  The doctor still didn't want to see me.  We would repeat the labwork the following Monday. 

Monday afternoon I went in to repeat the labwork.  Was told to expect a call in the morning but if I didn't hear anything by 2, to please call in.  So, Tuesday am, I was expecting a call. I finally called in at 2:30 and had to leave a message.  The nurse called me back and said there was an issue at the lab and that the results were not back because the office forgot to pull a new requisition.  I was very upset by this and concerned because we were headed into the holiday weekend and was having flashbacks to my first miscarriage.  I was told that I would get a call first thing in the morning.

So, at 8:31 I began waiting for this call.  at 9:30, I was impatient.  I called and left a message.  At 11:30, I left another message.  I finally got a call back and was told that the results were sitting on the doctor's desk and we were waiting for the next steps.  Once again, I explained that this was not told to me and that the nurse had told me I would get a call first thing in the am.  I finally got a call back from the nurse, who said that the doctor was getting ready to close for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The dr advised me to go to ER to have an ultrasound.  The nurse told me she didn't have time to see me due to shortened hours.  I said so instead of an office visit I would pay an ER visit for my insurance.  She said the doctor was concerned about an ectopic pregnancy.  I should call the office on Monday with an update.

So, the night before Thanksgiving, I went to ER to have a routine ultrasound done.The ER was unhappy with the doctor's orders to routine ultrasound at ER.  The ER was very kind the doctor told me that the sac was empty, which could be because I was early (6 weeks) or that I was going to miscarry.  So I went home with a heavy heart for Jeff, Lillie and me.  I was also very sad that I had to hear this information from a doctor I didn't know rather than a doctor that I have experience and a history with. 

Thanksgiving I began cramping with more bleeding.  We chose to stay home rather than celebrate with family.

Friday after Thanksgiving, I called a new doctor, I was to get blood work done on Saturday am, then repeat it 48 hours later.  Then the new doctor would see me on Wednesday with an ultrasound.  I had the ultrasound and with my untrained eye, I could see an empty sac (7 weeks).  The ultrasound tech confirmed this.I went in to speak to the dr.  She said that we had a 50/50 shot at a viable pregnancy.  She said that because the 2 ultrasounds were done by different technologists with 2 different machines and that my hcg numbers were increasing appropriately.  So we scheduled for 2 weeks to see if anything changed.

The dr went over my options if in fact I do have a blighted ovum.
  • Allow my body to miscarry on its own.  Could take an additional 10 weeks.
  • Force a miscarriage at home with a prescription.
  • Surgical procedure to remove the sac.
So I went home to discuss and pray.
Forward to yesterday, I went in for the ultrasound and it was indeed an empty sac (blighted ovum), we have chosen to use the medication Friday evening unless my takes care of this itself prior.  I am thinking I will take the medicine about 4:30.  The dr said the cramps would start 4-8 hours later, which would be about time for Lillie to go to bed.  We didn't make any definite plans for the weekend, so I am hoping I can rest on Saturday.  I just want this over. with. NOW.

hopefully we can put this behind us and look forward to Christmas with our little girl and the New Year.