Tuesday, January 27, 2015

NHL All-Star 5k

Unplanned, untrained, unable to breath.  That sums up my race.  haha.

Actually, I picked up our packets on Thursday and we got really cool shirts.  I did order mine up 2 sizes!  (I learned from the OSU race!)

Jeff wasn't feeling well.  He was up the night before and was feeling very poorly.

We got to the race early, like really early.  It was cold.  I waited inside the Tim Horton's doors - Jeff waited outside.  I ran into my cousin Sarah and her friend Keri there where we were all trying to keep warm.

Had I been feeling better I would have gotten pictures with the Mascots that were there.  As it was I was lucky to be standing.

We wondered over to the start.  Sarah and Kerri went to the 10 minute pace group.  I was aiming for 11 min...Jeff went back to 12. 


So, I was running naked so to speak, running sick...gee this is a good idea for a shirt and a medal!  Race starts.  I don't care what anyone says hearing the National Anthem is wonderful. 

The race started, I kept it slow and comfortable (so I could breathe).  I missed the mile markers, I just ran...I saw the 35 minute race group, and slowly passed them.  I could see the 32 min group ahead. I just ran a comfortable pace.  I apparently passed my cousin and Kerri.  (I didn't realize that). I saw the 32 minute group ahead.  I didn't think I ever passed them.  I obviously did. 

I finished the race at 31:36...no idea of the splits...no idea of anything.  I had a great race and took a long nap afterwards!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

plans...who needs plans

Well, training was supposed to start this week - finished off with a 5k this weekend.  I have run um, zero times this week, as breathing has been difficult.  I have some sort of allergy/sinus issue.  If I still feel like crap tomorrow I will go get help.  it will have been a week.  I no longer feel like I swallowed glass.  So there is that as a positive. 

I am still planning to run (survive) the 5k on Saturday because well, I paid for it and I want the shirt and medal!