Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Isn't it amazing

So, as most know I am an avid television watcher.  I love the DVR and mostly record shows so that I can watch and fast forward my shows.  With Jeff out of town, this is how we watch our shows together on the weekends.  So last Friday night we got our dinner and proceeded to start watching TV together.  So we watch the Season Finale of Modern Family...Gloria picks up a pregnancy test.  Really?  Really?  Okay, cute part of the story line, I get it.  Then we watch the next episode of Veep.  Um, yea, Selina is pregnant...Okay universe...I get it...everyone around me is pregnant.  Jeff even commented that the universe was trying to tell  us something.  Jeff was upset by this.  I was a bit taken off guard that two shows had this same topic and we watched them back to back.  I told him that when I watch my shows of TLC about pregnancy at least I know what I am getting into...when I watch regular tv, I never know.  I let my guard down and Whamo...that is when it strikes.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just an update - bullet style

  • We closed on this house on Monday!  
  • We are still packing like crazy people (well, I am still packing, since he isn't home)
  • I called specialist in Cleveland to make sure I wasn't messing anything up - it feels very strange that I am not making crazy trips to Cleveland this week.  Should I be taking pills/shots/temps...something?
  • Based upon quick dates and whatnot, I could potentially have ET (egg transfer) on July 3rd.  Which is one year to the day that I miscarried.  Is that my sign?  Full circle...
  • The new house is coming along...we are five weeks in on the build and it is coming along.  I want to see it SO badly in person...but there is no need for me to drive down now, so I just have to wait patiently with pictures!
  • My aunt was diagnosed with Lung Cancer on Monday.  She meets with the surgeon this afternoon.  Allegedly, once the mass is removed, she will be cancer free.  No radiation or chemotherapy.  I pray this to be the case.  Second hand smoke is NO JOKE!  My grandparents/her parents both smoked quite a bit.  They always smoked. 

Friday, May 18, 2012


I made our appointment for the IVF consultation.  It is Friday, June 1.  I am excited.  It seems that I am going to be a busy girl for the next few weeks.  Hopefully it will help pass time until we move to Columbus.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I got the results...I knew what they were even before looking.  They are negative.  On to IVF!

and now...

we wait some more.  I went this am for my labwork.  I went to the local hospital, which happens to be a religious based hospital.  As I sat int he lab chair, a priest came over the loud speaker with a daily prayer.  It was quick and he said that we need to be hopeful and remain positive.  If there was ever a question if God is with us always...With that prayer, I know He is with me.  The girls at the lab told me that I could come back today about 1pm and they could print me the results. 

No matter what the results are, I know that God will help me through this and that we have a plan for next steps.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

This is a day to celebrate all mothers. Mothers to children. Really not just children but mothers to pets, nieces, nephews, friend's children and last but certainly not least, those who have lost children.

This Mother's Day should have been my first to a child on earth but instead, I celebrate my child in Heaven. I hope that my lost baby is looking down and hoping the the little bean will help to send us a new little bean. The new little one would not replace the first.

As I write this, I could be pregnant. I am trying to be so hopeful that next year on Mother's Day, I can pray with my baby in my arms and the one who will always be in my heart.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bad Blogger

I know, I know...where did I go?  This week has flown by.  I love that BUT I am SOOOO tired.  I am actually only working until about noon and going home to nap!

I started the twice daily progesterone and it isn't as bad as I anticipated BUT, ugh. I feel like I am tied to a clock.  They are supposed to be twelve hours apart and the second one should be when you go to bed....well, I have been doing the morning one between 6:30 and 7:00 and the night one at about 9:00-ish.  Doctors told me this is okay.

I have also been a packing fool.  About half the kitchen is packed...the upstairs closets are basically packed.  It is so hard packing things up...like swimsuits...will we need them?  Maybe, so I left one of Jeff's and one of mine out with a beach towel for each of us...packed the rest...one more thing to drag to my parent's house.

The new house is coming along, we are into week 3 and they are putting in rafters...please, oh please let's have great weather so we can get this house built lickity split.

So, anyone watch the HBO show VEEP?  It is new favorite show. 

I got for the lab work on May 18th.  My local Dr told me to go directly to the lab so we would get same day results.  I was told to call them immediately and they would start hounding the lab for results...IF I am pregnant I would love to go buy little running shoes to tell Jeff...I would tell him to go look at the new shoes I bought...he would think I bought myself new shoes...then cute little baby shoes would be in the bag! 

Do I think I am pregnant??? Dunno, no real symptoms,my boobs hurt but they often do...I feel like the STA- PUFF MARSHMALLOW MAN.  I am so bloated everywhere.  I never in my life wanted to do ab work than right now...I am prepping for it to be negative and then we will start the IVF road.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Cinco de Derby

So, Saturday was the Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby (also, the full moon) we celebrated by getting up and heading to Cleveland for the third IUI.  I was happy and think it is a good omen that the nurse from my doctor happened to be working (or so she thought) she came in to realize that she works next weekend!  She stayed to do my IUI!  Isn't that nice?! 

We were back home by 10:30 and just kinda hung out all day.  We got pizza and Jeff had beer.  Just a relaxing sort of day.  We did put our hats on and sung "My Old Kentucky Home" and watched the Derby.  Good times!

Sunday we woke up and I ran to get doughnuts and then Jeff cut grass and did some other yard work.  I did laundry and sorted through boxes in the attic.  Didn't get a ton done but enough.  The next couple of weekend we need to get a move on!!

This morning I did my first progesterone.  It was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated.  Thank goodness.

I still need to take a picture of my mug from Lindsey and make a post!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Making friends link up!

I am linking up with Kelly from Kelly's Korner, one of my favorite blogs!

I currently live in NE Ohio, but in ahem, 90 days I will be moving to Central Ohio!  I can't wait!

I will be sad to leave NE Ohio, as this is the longest I have lived anywhere.  We moved here right before my sixteenth birthday.  I have made some wonderful friends here that are really like family!  I graduated high school, college, got married - I also trained for four marathons running through Mill Creek Park.

I am VERY excited to be near Columbus.  First, I will be actually living with my husband again!  Plus only 90 minutes from the Greater Cincinnati Area!  I could drive down to visit my grandparents for the day!  This makes me very happy.  Columbus has so much to offer.  I am hoping to make great friends there as well.  I am also hoping to join a running group.  I feel I have one more marathon in me!

I will be back later today or tomorrow for a link up for my mug swap!  I love the mug I got from Lindsey!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The latest and greatest!

I went to Cleveland yesterday and had a scan.  Then I had blood work.  The doctor called me and here is the time line...
5/3/2012 - trigger shot
5/5/2012 - IUI (it is also Derby Day, Cinco de Mayo and a Supermoon.
5/7/2012 - start progesterone
5/18/2012 - beta pregnancy test.

I am excited because I know that even if this doesn't work this IUI, we are moving onto IVF.  We have a plan!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

CD 6

Let's catch up on my fertility stuff...shall we?

I went to the dr yesterday and had a scan and bloodwork.  My estrogen was 342 and I have three measurable follicles 13/9/9.  I dropped the Follistim from 150 to 100.  I go back to Cleveland tomorrow for another scan and blood work.  Then the dr will call in the afternoon with the next steps.  I feel like this is sort of like the Amazing Race.  You know the prize but you don't know when, where...ugh.  For a planner this is a bit annoying but I will hang in there.  I was also hoping that I would have more follicles since I responded so well to the Clomid, I was hoping for more on the Follistim.  I suppose I need to be patient and I need to hope that quality is better than quantity.  It only takes one. :)

I found out yesterday evening that a classmate of mine passed away yesterday.  Forty-one is WAY too young to die.  She leaves two daughters both at home.  I am not so sure of details but apparently she had complications from a heart surgery and died in recovery.