Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just an update - bullet style

  • We closed on this house on Monday!  
  • We are still packing like crazy people (well, I am still packing, since he isn't home)
  • I called specialist in Cleveland to make sure I wasn't messing anything up - it feels very strange that I am not making crazy trips to Cleveland this week.  Should I be taking pills/shots/temps...something?
  • Based upon quick dates and whatnot, I could potentially have ET (egg transfer) on July 3rd.  Which is one year to the day that I miscarried.  Is that my sign?  Full circle...
  • The new house is coming along...we are five weeks in on the build and it is coming along.  I want to see it SO badly in person...but there is no need for me to drive down now, so I just have to wait patiently with pictures!
  • My aunt was diagnosed with Lung Cancer on Monday.  She meets with the surgeon this afternoon.  Allegedly, once the mass is removed, she will be cancer free.  No radiation or chemotherapy.  I pray this to be the case.  Second hand smoke is NO JOKE!  My grandparents/her parents both smoked quite a bit.  They always smoked. 

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