Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bad Blogger

I know, I know...where did I go?  This week has flown by.  I love that BUT I am SOOOO tired.  I am actually only working until about noon and going home to nap!

I started the twice daily progesterone and it isn't as bad as I anticipated BUT, ugh. I feel like I am tied to a clock.  They are supposed to be twelve hours apart and the second one should be when you go to bed....well, I have been doing the morning one between 6:30 and 7:00 and the night one at about 9:00-ish.  Doctors told me this is okay.

I have also been a packing fool.  About half the kitchen is packed...the upstairs closets are basically packed.  It is so hard packing things swimsuits...will we need them?  Maybe, so I left one of Jeff's and one of mine out with a beach towel for each of us...packed the more thing to drag to my parent's house.

The new house is coming along, we are into week 3 and they are putting in rafters...please, oh please let's have great weather so we can get this house built lickity split.

So, anyone watch the HBO show VEEP?  It is new favorite show. 

I got for the lab work on May 18th.  My local Dr told me to go directly to the lab so we would get same day results.  I was told to call them immediately and they would start hounding the lab for results...IF I am pregnant I would love to go buy little running shoes to tell Jeff...I would tell him to go look at the new shoes I bought...he would think I bought myself new shoes...then cute little baby shoes would be in the bag! 

Do I think I am pregnant??? Dunno, no real symptoms,my boobs hurt but they often do...I feel like the STA- PUFF MARSHMALLOW MAN.  I am so bloated everywhere.  I never in my life wanted to do ab work than right now...I am prepping for it to be negative and then we will start the IVF road.

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