Thursday, May 17, 2012

and now...

we wait some more.  I went this am for my labwork.  I went to the local hospital, which happens to be a religious based hospital.  As I sat int he lab chair, a priest came over the loud speaker with a daily prayer.  It was quick and he said that we need to be hopeful and remain positive.  If there was ever a question if God is with us always...With that prayer, I know He is with me.  The girls at the lab told me that I could come back today about 1pm and they could print me the results. 

No matter what the results are, I know that God will help me through this and that we have a plan for next steps.

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  1. I just checked in, because I couldn't remember if your labwork was today or tomorrow. I'll definitely check back later to see what you find out. You are consuming my prayers today.

    One quote that I repeated to myself over and over through the last several months was from a blog post by Angela Mackey. She said "I'm trusting God, who is able, to do what He knows is best despite how I would prefer it to turn out. His will, not mine."