Tuesday, May 1, 2012

CD 6

Let's catch up on my fertility stuff...shall we?

I went to the dr yesterday and had a scan and bloodwork.  My estrogen was 342 and I have three measurable follicles 13/9/9.  I dropped the Follistim from 150 to 100.  I go back to Cleveland tomorrow for another scan and blood work.  Then the dr will call in the afternoon with the next steps.  I feel like this is sort of like the Amazing Race.  You know the prize but you don't know when, where...ugh.  For a planner this is a bit annoying but I will hang in there.  I was also hoping that I would have more follicles since I responded so well to the Clomid, I was hoping for more on the Follistim.  I suppose I need to be patient and I need to hope that quality is better than quantity.  It only takes one. :)

I found out yesterday evening that a classmate of mine passed away yesterday.  Forty-one is WAY too young to die.  She leaves two daughters both at home.  I am not so sure of details but apparently she had complications from a heart surgery and died in recovery.

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  1. Mailed your mug today! Should get it soon. Sorry to hear about your uncle. Still praying for all your fertility stuff! :)