Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Isn't it amazing

So, as most know I am an avid television watcher.  I love the DVR and mostly record shows so that I can watch and fast forward my shows.  With Jeff out of town, this is how we watch our shows together on the weekends.  So last Friday night we got our dinner and proceeded to start watching TV together.  So we watch the Season Finale of Modern Family...Gloria picks up a pregnancy test.  Really?  Really?  Okay, cute part of the story line, I get it.  Then we watch the next episode of Veep.  Um, yea, Selina is pregnant...Okay universe...I get it...everyone around me is pregnant.  Jeff even commented that the universe was trying to tell  us something.  Jeff was upset by this.  I was a bit taken off guard that two shows had this same topic and we watched them back to back.  I told him that when I watch my shows of TLC about pregnancy at least I know what I am getting into...when I watch regular tv, I never know.  I let my guard down and Whamo...that is when it strikes.

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