Friday, May 4, 2012

Making friends link up!

I am linking up with Kelly from Kelly's Korner, one of my favorite blogs!

I currently live in NE Ohio, but in ahem, 90 days I will be moving to Central Ohio!  I can't wait!

I will be sad to leave NE Ohio, as this is the longest I have lived anywhere.  We moved here right before my sixteenth birthday.  I have made some wonderful friends here that are really like family!  I graduated high school, college, got married - I also trained for four marathons running through Mill Creek Park.

I am VERY excited to be near Columbus.  First, I will be actually living with my husband again!  Plus only 90 minutes from the Greater Cincinnati Area!  I could drive down to visit my grandparents for the day!  This makes me very happy.  Columbus has so much to offer.  I am hoping to make great friends there as well.  I am also hoping to join a running group.  I feel I have one more marathon in me!

I will be back later today or tomorrow for a link up for my mug swap!  I love the mug I got from Lindsey!


  1. Woohoo!!! And don't forget it's closer to ME as well ;-)
    Glad you are getting excited.

  2. Coming at you from Kelly's blog.

    Jessica @

  3. YAY! Mine was delivered yesterday but I wasn't home to get it and the postman took it back to the post office where I will pick it up today! Can't wait :) Glad yo liked it! :)

  4. welcome to Central Ohio :) we've been here almost 10 years and LOVE it!!

  5. I live in SC but may be moving to New Albany soon! My boyfriend's grandparents also live in Cincinnati-small world! If I do move, you make have to teach me a little bit about running...started couch to 5K recently. xoxo

  6. I grew up right near Mill Creek Park. Good luck with the move!!!

  7. Hi! I found your blog from Kelly's Korner. I live in NE Ohio, about half way between Cleveland and Columbus. Thank your for sharing your TTC journey. We've been TTC for over three years now on and off again and have been working with a doctor through the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, but looking for a different doctor there since mine moved all the way to Avon Lake. Look forward to reading more of your journey. Columbus is a great place too!
    You can find me at

  8. What part of Central Ohio? I can give you the information on running groups if you give me the area. I live in Gahanna.

    Keenerfamily at


  9. I just saw the KK post (WAY behind on reading and blogging these days!) and wanted to welcome you to Central OH :) I've lived here for 5 years now and really enjoy it- there is a lot to offer! Where will you be living? Feel free to email me-- cbus.blogger at gmail dot com... also, check out Piada once you get here. Best local food place in my opinion. Hehe. :)