Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Basketball....and ovaries.

How about my Wildcats???  Whoohooo!!!  I actually stayed awake for the entire game.  It was so exciting.  I was weepy a few times but especially when they cut down that net!  I loved it!  My brother, Nicholas called me at 1:00 and had obviously been drinking was very excited about the game.  He was so funny.  but I couldn't get him off the phone for an at 2 I got him off and went to sleep.  My alarm went off at 5 to go run.  THREE hours of sleep.  Strangely enough, I felt pretty good all day yesterday.  I ran 2.5 in the morning and then walked 2.5-ish in the afternoon.  I am sure the WIN helped.

Now, the ovaries part of the topic!  I had my CD11 scan this am in Cleveland.  I have three follicles on the left and two on the right.  So five total.  The doctor was very pleased with how I respond to the Clomid.  Typically in women 41 my age, the response isn't as good.  My response is great especially since we lowered the dose of Clomid for this cycle.  He is also pleased that there are follicles on both sides rather than last time having them all on the right.

So, what does this mean?

Tomorrow am, I will do the OPK and report my results.  If positive, then the IUI will be Friday.  If negative, I will go to Cleveland on Friday morning and then trigger for IUI on Saturday.

I just can't help think that having the IUI this HOLY weekend is a very positive thing in my book.  

By the way, yes, five follicles could potentiality mean five babies.  I am not worrying about that, get me a positive pregnancy test and then I will worry....maybe!

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