Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Time for a check in

Well, it is about time for my quarterly post.Jeff and I are in the last heavy training week for the Cap City Half.  He has an achy calf that keeps pestering him and I am dealing with Achilles tendonitis.  Good times here, my friends. 

My training during the week is stellar, my long runs have been hit or miss.  I have done a couple 8 milers.  This weekend I want/plan to get the 10 in.  My training program has 17, but no, I am sorry, I will go up to 12 for a half but I am not doing more.  Shame on me, maybe it is why I can't break the 2 hour mark.  Eh, I am getting there. 

I really feel like I would do much better if I fueled myself properly.  I really should follow some sort of plan besides the eat it all plan.

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