Thursday, November 7, 2013


So since my last report, Jeff and I have started the Advocare 24 day challenge.  We are on Day 4.  I can tell you that I very much dislike the Fiber drink, but eh, I can get it down.  I can say that I am never hungry.  I feel like I am eating constantly, but it is good clean foods.  Tonight I am making a chili.  Looks very similar to what we normally make...we shall see.

I can tell you that after the 4 days (well, 3.5, if you wish to be technical) that Jeff looks thinner.  I haven't worn 'real' clothes since Sunday so since I really can't tell a difference in pajama bottoms, tank top and sweatshirt.  So, if you know me, I need results, so I scale hopped.  I must say I am VERY happy!  We took pictures and measurements but I refuse to post anything until the end of the 24 days.

I/we decided to do this together.  It has been so very helpful.  I have been in horrible eating habits in months.  I needed a way to break the cycle, get healthy, stay healthy...2014 is going to be a busy year.  February - Hadlee's baptism (my cousin's daughter) March - Lillie's 1st birthday, July - beach trip, August - beach trip and Nicholas and Kara's wedding also Chip and Sarah's wedding.  I need to get myself in shape and stay there!

My ultimate goal (shhhh) I want to run a sub 2 hour half marathon.  I want to get weight off so I am able to run faster/longer.  I don't care if the clock/chip time is 1:59:59.  I just want to see a 1 in the first space!  I am not sure whether I will do a spring of fall half (maybe both) 

You can do the 24 day challenge every 90 we hope to do this 3 times before August.  I can't wait to see where this journey gets us.

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