Monday, September 9, 2013

First Race Post Lillie!

a friend of mine from high school lost her mom a few years ago to Ovarian Cancer.  When she asked if I would put a sign in my yard for the race, I had to say yes and I had to do the race.  So, Saturday morning, I had to dig out my race belt...thankfully, it was right where I thought it was!  WHEW!

Then I had to remember a race plan.  Morning routine and then add Lill into the picture.

I got up at 6:00.  Ate my almond butter toast with honey and a cup of coffee...yummy.  (I forgot how much I loved that breakfast for fast energy and yumminess)

I got dressed in running skirt, and sleeveless top.  Then I got Lill up and get her dressed.  She was NOT happy about the early wake up.  Normally she gets up between 7-8, she was not ready at 7 yesterday.

We left to head downtown about 7:15-7:30

We made it to the parking and there was a line to get in...Parking was $8.00.  I certainly hope that money was donated to the Ovarian Cancer Fund.

We got Lill's in the BOB and headed up to the registration table.  We got ourselves registered, got our shirt and our numbers and we were ready to go.

We stood around for a little bit along the river.  I forgot how pretty the downtown area has become.  We really need to explore our new city.

They began to call people over to the start of the race, so we kissed Jeff good-bye and Lill and I went ot the start.

So, this is where it gets fun...yeah, we'll call it fun. 

So, they had people with signs that said 6 min mile; 8 min mile, 10 min mile, 12 min mile and yeah, people can't read or chose not to and there were people lined up at the 6 min mile that had no business being there...they were clearly walkers.  so I knew the start was going to be ugly.

Then the clock says start...ugh, Lill likes the BOB, but only if moving.  She was losing patience as was I.  There was a group of girl scouts who were going to run as a troop.  Now first I applaud these girls for running a 5k.  I applaud them for wanting to make a difference and raising money.  BUT (you knew it was coming) they (and their leaders) should NOT have run 8 people across the road.  Bad idea. 

So we were finally able to run about 5 minutes into the race. We had a few bouts of getting behind a group and we had to maneuver around. (Running a race with a stroller is interesting!)

Okay, now we are moving literally.  I had some time to make up off we went...{cue the running music} feet to the pavement.

Lill did good, but she was hot and beginning to lose patience.  The extra 'waiting' time pushed her to the limit.  I kept trying to have her find her 'happy place' (sucking her thumb)

We were making it close to the finish...loved the final hill...not.  Oh well, we took off.  Final time 35 something.  Not where I had secretly hoped but, I met two of my three goals. 

Three goals for the race:
  1. finish the race
  2. finish in under 37 minutes
  3. finish in 30 minutes.
Now we have a starting point to improve upon.  

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