Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So training...

Well, Lillie and I have been running.  We are slow and steady.  I load Lill into her car seat and then pop her in the BOB Stroller.  A lifesaver, makes running so much easier.  I load my tunes (only use one headphone, so I can hear) and I load my C25K.  Away we go. 

I have been struggling with shoe/sock issues for quite awhile.  Actually since last year when I got new shoes.  So, my right sock kept slipping down into my shoe.(Remember walking last summer Janet?)  I tried different socks, same problem.  It wasn't such a big deal.  When I began walking after pregnancy, both socks began slipping.  Annoying.  Then I began running and both socks slipping and blisters on both heels. 

I tried bandaids, no go.
I tried new socks, no go.
I tried a heel pad, nope
I tried moleskin, no go.

The blisters were getting worse and more painful.  I *knew* the problem was shoes.  I just hated to buy new shoes.  But I did it yesterday, and they should be delivered tomorrow.  I am giving my heels until Friday to heal up a bit. 

So, the moral of this story is:

Just because you get a pair of $200 dollar shoes for $30 bucks.  If they aren't your normal brand, be prepared for issues.  Just because they are cheap doesn't mean that they will work for you!  I should have bought them and donated them.

I am back to Mizzuno's and I can't wait!  Training for half marathon Oct 2013 back in business!

I purposely didn't mention the brand of shoes caused blisters because it is a very good brand and works well for some people, just not me.

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  1. Every brand doesn't work for every body. If you ever want to be assessed for what kind of shoes would work well for you...check out roadrunners sports. I forget where you're at in Delaware, but this place is located off of 23 and Sancus blvd. If you're coming from Polaris, you can take Sancus under the over pass and it'll in an office building complex on your left all the way back. You can see it from the highway. I love that place.