Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May...really? May?

I can't believe how fast time is flying now that Lillie is here.  I thought time went so slow before but WOW!  a blink and she is almost 6 weeks old.

She is just so precious, and really starting to show her personality.  She gives awesome smiles!  She wants to talk just hasn't found her voice quite yet.

She loves to be in her carrier!  We actually bought a second one so Jeff can have one and we don't have to keep moving the straps.  So far we have done laundry and some phone calls together.

Tomorrow starts a new phase.  I go back to work.  Since I haven't been there a year, I didn't qualify for FMLA.  I did get six weeks off (no pay naturally and I didn't expect it)  Thankfully, they are very pleased with the work I do and they are allowing me to work from home.  We have it set up temporarily 60-90 days and then we will reassess.  I plan to make these 60-90 days awesome so that it can be permanent.  I need to get Lillie on a good schedule.  What I am hoping for is her schedule to look like this:
7:00 wake up, diaper change - eat back to sleep
7:30 mommy start work
10:00 wake up, diaper change - play - tummy time, activity mat, swing
1:00 eat...nap.
2:30 - mommy finished with work
3:00 Lillie and Mommy go run errands/run
the rest of the day I really don't care about scheduling so much...just 7:30-2:30!  they are going to be very flexible with me. but I need and want to do a great job.

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