Monday, May 13, 2013


Well, since this blog is supposed to be about being a Mommy and running.  I guess I should post something about running huh!

I didn't have a great first trimester while pregnant, and running was taken off the table so to speak.  I was on bed rest for some of the first trimester.  and then the doctor said I should not run at all, really she would prefer me not to walk.  I was allowed to swim.  We haven't joined the Y yet, so my exercise was climbing the three flights of steps each day once I started working.  I did it up until I began working from home. 

So, once Lillie made her entrance I was more than ready to get back in the walking/running scene.  Lillie and I went walking many days as I explored several distances from the house, so I could have a 'plan' once given the go ahead to begin running.

Two weeks ago, I saw the doctor and was told I could resume all activities prior to pregnancy/delivery.  Amen.  I could run!

I deliberated on how to start back.  I knew I wanted to go slow as I need to adapt to running while holding on to the jogging stroller.  (BTW - If you are in the market for a jogging stroller and are a serious runner or like to run decent distances....please spend the money and get the BOB Ironman.)

I decided to go back to basics...I downloaded the Couch to 5k plan for my iphone.  WOW!  It is a big difference from when I began running in July, 2004 when I was on a track and using a stopwatch.  This is a huge improvement.  I turn it on and my music and I don't even have to think...I just walk/run and it tells me when to walk and when to run.

I am on week 2.  So far I am feeling good.  I hope it warms up enough to head out this afternoon. 

My current goal is getting to a 5k at or better than my speed prior to pregnancy while running with the stroller.  I want to do a 5k in June and then a half marathon in October.  I found a women's only race "JUST RUN LIKE A GIRL" and at the finish they give you a bottle of Pinot Grigio.  So I can wear my I run for wine shirt!  perfect!

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