Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lillian Rose Baptism II

Godfather Uncle Billy, Godmother Christy, Daddy mommy & Lillian

Fr. Missini

Great Aunt Ellen, Great Uncle Doug, Cousin Sarah

Great Uncle Greg, Cousin Jamie and Richard

Uncle Billy, Daddy, Mimi, Mommy & Lill

Christy, Uncle Billy, Fr. Missini, Mommy, Lillian and Daddy

Fr. Missini blessing the pin from Grandma &Pawpaw Marsh and rosary from Christy

Uncle Billy, Christy, Lillian

Uncle Billy & Lillian

Mommy, Daddy & Lillian

Grandma & PawPaw Marsh

Pap, Mimi & Lillian

Sarah, Great Aunt Ellen, Uncle Billy, PawPaw & Lillian

Jamie, Sarah Great Uncle Greg, Great Aunt Ellen, Mommy, Uncle Billy, PawPaw and Lillian
 This was everyone who was at the Baptism who wore the Baptismal gown - Maggie and Uncle Nick are missing.  My Great Aunt bought it for my dad's Baptism and most have worn it since.  We think that other family members wore it as well.

The Three Smpson girls -l to r Kendyl, Lillian and Adeline

Grandma Marsh worn out from too much partying!

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