Tuesday, October 1, 2013

{Training Tuesday}

So, I am 4 nights out from my half marathon.

Last week, I got in all training runs, including my 10 mile with Lillie.  I haven't idea how this race is going to go. I kinda think I have been leaning on the jogging stroller.  My average pace with the stroller has been 12:10-12:30, I would think I would be faster without the stroller...who knows.

I did cut out today's 4 miles. My legs felt heavy, decided it wasn't worth it.  I will go out for 3 tomorrow and 2 on Friday.

I am going to take next week off, I think. Then pick up spinning.

I am hoping my post race workouts will look like this:
Monday- spinning am
Tuesday- run afternoon
Wednesday- spinning am
Thursday -off
Friday-run afternoon
Saturday/Sunday I would like to get a swim in, but we'll see.

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