Friday, October 19, 2012

My favorite charity

I am linking up with Kelly at Kelly's Korner  This week's topic is our favorite charity.  This was super easy for me.  My favorite charity is An Orphan's Wish.

I have volunteered for AOW for a few years now.  It is a wonderful organization.  From the website.

An Orphan’s Wish is a unique project situated in the Guangxi Province of China. We are located just outside of the picturesque city of Guilin. And the home we provide is a very special place for the orphaned children that reside there.

Orphaned children are top priority.
It is our goal to create a loving environment where orphaned children are the top priority. Individualized care, medical attention, therapy and education combine to enrich the lives of these children. Hope and encouragement are part of their daily routine, and your sponsorship and donations allow our efforts to continue.
An Orphan’s Wish specializes in healing and helping children with special needs, medical conditions and cerebral palsy. We provide specialized care for orphaned children in need of:
  • Specialized Care – For children with medical needs or requiring specialized care
  • Clubfoot Casting Care – For children with uncorrected clubfoot
  • Residential/Cerebral Palsy Care – For children with cerebral palsy or other special needs that require long-term care
At An Orphan’s Wish we believe in creating awareness through training and educating our Chinese staff and partners. It is our ultimate goal that this project be completely run by the citizens of China. Currently, we have an amazing and dedicated Australian couple, Brian and Kirsten Trower, who oversee and direct our entire Chinese staff.
We promote and encourage the partnership of the local Guilin community and local businesses. As we strive to increase their awareness of the needs of these children through education, we are seeing a steady increase in this community’s commitment and dedication to helping these children.
Throughout the United States and other countries, we have established a wonderful network of volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to helping these orphaned children.
An Orphan’s Wish is an all volunteer foundation, which means our overhead costs are extremely low. Over 98% of every donation we receive goes directly to our programs which aid these children. We are so grateful for every donation we receive. We provide all of our donors with quality and timely reports and value your trust in us to be good stewards of your donation.

These children are just beautiful.  I love giving the time to God's precious gift.

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  1. Sounds like a great charity! Thanks for sharing. I have a heart for orphans too - especially those with special needs I try to do what I can by advocating for orphans on my blog - thanks for all you do!