Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 17

Well, today has been a whirlwind of emotions.  I got a phone call this morning my cousin, Liz is in the hospital, ICU.  Apparently, she was running on the treadmill and started getting a headache.  She told her husband she as going to lay down.  She didn't lay down and decided she needed to go to the Emergency Room.  Her husband started driving her.  Before they even got off the street, she said she wasn't going to make it, she needed an ambulance.  (Thankfully she did)  She was diagnosed with a bleed in her brain, one of her veins ruptured.  They had my Aunt and Uncle call my other cousin in from out of town because they weren't sure she was going to make it.  Thankfully, the bleeding stopped on its own, but she has a pool of blood still in her brain.  They 'believe' that she will just absorb this blood.  The doctors said that if she would have driven in, she probably wouldn't have made it.  Going by ambulance was the smartest thing.  She is expected to make a full recovery.  I am going to try to go see her on Saturday.  We have seen miracles happen. 

On a different note....

I went to vote today.  I am not thrilled with any of the candidates.  But I voted my conscience.  I guess we'll see how that works out!

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