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My Experience at Riverside Methodist Hospital

Please bear with me while I type this up.  I am hoping by writing a review that I might save someone else from a horrible experience at this hospital. Please remember that this is MY EXPERIENCE, based on two visits in three days.

Let me start from the beginning. I am a forty-one year old, pregnant by IUI.  I used a specialist in Cleveland prior to our move to Columbus.  I had miscarried our first child a year prior at 7 weeks 3 days, due to a physician who would not listen to me.  I vowed at that time, not to be intimidated by physicians, I have to speak up for myself and my unborn child and do what I know is right for both of us. Because of these circumstances, I freely admit that I am a nervous first time mother.

I woke up on Monday, August 13 and noticed some spotting.  I was concerned, as I had some spotting on Saturday and had been put on bedrest by my specialist at that time.  I knew based on my blood type I needed to get a Rhogam shot, if I indeed was miscarrying.  So, my husband and I went off to the Emergency Department at Riverside.

We got there and the Physician's Assistant immediately did a pelvic exam and said she saw blood.  They ordered an ultrasound but the technician wouldn't be in until 6:30.  In the meantime, she did an abdominal ultrasound in the ED.  She said that they would want a better one done but at least we could check the heartbeat.  We found a heartbeat which made me feel so much better.

Once the Radiology tech got in I had an ultrasound done and while we waited for the results I got my Rhogam injection.

The ultrasound results showed that I had two cysts, which I knew about but the baby was perfectly fine.  I was told to take it easy, drink lots of fluid and call my doctor.  Okay.

We go get breakfast.  Then home and I napped the afternoon away.

Tuesday, August 14 was non eventful.  I didn't do much, my aunt came and brought me lunch and then hung out with me for the afternoon.

Wednesday, August 15, started out just as our normal days go.  About 11 am, I was sitting at the kitchen table filling out forms for my appt at the new OB.  I stood up to let the dogs out and there was a huge gush of blood.  I freaked out.  I went to the bathroom and put a pad on and started getting dressed.  I had to go back to the bathroom because I felt like I needed to change the pad already.  I passed a clot the size of my fist.  Now, I was beyond freaked out.  Jeff was on his way home.  I was waiting for him on the front porch.

We decide to go back to Riverside, since I was just there they could compare ultrasounds if needed.

We go in, they register me, I do the bloodwork again.  The doctor comes in and says that because I was just here there is no indication to do a repeat ultrasound.  The doctor didn't want to even check for a heartbeat.  I was furious.  I pulled out the cell phone number for the specialist that I was seeing in Cleveland.  I tell him to call the dr.  He leaves the room and comes back a little bit later.  He says that they are going to do another ultrasound, even though they just did one and if I did miscarry there was nothing they could do.  He also stated that he and his wife had been through fertility treatments and sometimes you just need to throw in the towel and realize that you aren't going to have children.  Then he followed up with chastising me on my misuse of the Emergency room.  The ER is for emergencies only, not for routine ultrasounds.  I needed to find a doctor closer so that they can deal with these sorts of problems.

They do an ultrasound,  the technician was wonderful and told me very quietly that everything looked good with the baby.  Amen.

I get back to the ER and the doctor came in and said that the ultrasound looked good.  There was a heartbeat.  I asked what the heartbeat was and he told me that they didn't notate it.  He told me that I had a subchlorionic bleed.

The nurse came in with my discharge papers and to take my blood pressure again.  While she was entering the information into the computer, I asked about the baby's heartbeat.  She looked and said it was 155.

We left Riverside with peace of mind that that the baby was great.

Fast forward to  Saturday, September 29th.  I got a letter in the mail from Riverside Medical Center, telling me that the "Emergency Department Physician has reviewed your US-Pelvis from your last visit and noted LT ovary with atypical features and recommends a follow up ultrasound in 8-11 weeks".  I contacted my now established doctor to see if they had gotten the reports and find out what the issue was.  The nurse requested the reports on Monday and they received them on FRIDAY.

The nurse contacted me this afternoon with the results.  On the ultrasound from Monday it noted two cysts on the left side. There was no issue with the baby.  On the ultrasound on Wednesday, it noted that there was bleeding from most likely a ruptured cyst.  there was only one cyst noted and the baby was perfect.

Let me review the problems I have with the visit on August 15th:
  • They never did a pelvic exam to see if the cervix was closed
  • Bleeding through a pad an hour is cause to go to the ER.  I went through two pads in 10 minutes.
  • The dr should never have told me his issues about his experience with fertility.
  • The dr should not have reprimanded me for misuse of the ER, while I was there I heard someone come in to get a sports physical for high school.  In addition, Since I have spent 17 years in the medical field,  I know when it is appropriate to go to the emergency.  I know an emergency and when there isn't.
  • I told the doctor that we had just moved here and I was not established yet with a new doctor.  If I were back with my regular doctor, he would have had me come in to his office for an ultrasound ASAP.  
  • The doctor didn't even look to see if a heart rate was notated.  He just wanted me out of there.
  • Moreover, I thought the goal of a hospital was to make money, you would think that in this day and age, if I wanted an ultrasound, the doctor would be thrilled to bill away my insurance.  (Interestingly, I had more done on Monday and my bill for Wednesday was higher...I am too tired to research that, but I am certain there is fraud somewhere.) 
  •  it took 6 weeks for the ED Physiciam to read the ultrasound? 
  • There was no subchlorionic hemmorhage.
  • My specialist told me that the dr at Riverside was adamant about not doing an ultrasound.  He had to basically tell him to do the ultrasound.  Also, he asked the dr to call him back which he never did.
  • It took Riverside five days to get the reports to my doctor.
  • Lastly, I am going to copy and paste directly from Riverside's Website (I am going to put my editorial comments in Red)

Our mission

To improve the health of those we serve.

Our vision

Where people want to work, where physicians want to practice and, most importantly, where patients want to go when they need healthcare services. (I certainly don't ever want to go back there, nor do I want anyone I know to go there.)

Our cardinal value

We honor the dignity and worth of each person. (Interesting, I didn't gt that feeling)

Our values

  • Compassion (HA)
  • Excellence
  • Stewardship
  • Integrity (HA, HA!)

Our pledge

As a member of the OhioHealth healthcare system, WE honor the dignity and worth of each person.
Our first responsibility is to the patients we serve. We respect the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients and find that compassion is essential to fostering healing and wholeness.
Patients and their families deserve the best possible healthcare experience. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in all that we do. Teaching and learning are fundamental in our efforts.
We are accountable to our communities for our stewardship. We have a special concern for the poor, and are committed to making quality healthcare available to all. Our decisions will serve our communities in the present and preserve our mission into the future.
Our actions and decisions must reflect a faithful balance of our core values. We will act with absolute integrity and expect the same of those who work with us.
Our people are the source of our success. Our organization must reflect the rich diversity of our communities. We will respect, embrace and derive strength from our differences. We are committed to providing a work environment that enables our employees to fulfill their professional, family and community responsibilities.
Spiritual diversity within our organization must be respected and celebrated. Our relationship with the United Methodist Church grounds us in a strong moral and ethical foundation. Throughout the organization, we exist to serve others.
Our every action must advance our mission: To improve the health of those we serve.

(This entire pledge is laughable. )

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