Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 18

Happy Birthday to my dad!  I am kinda sad I am not there to celebrate with him

My cousin is stable, so that is good.  We are planning to go see her on Saturday.  I think that will make me feel better!

At the consignment store, I got three 'sleeping bras'.  Let me tell you they are so comfy.  They feel soft and wonderful.  The were new with tags, so I don't feel yucky.  I also got a black cardigan all for $25.00.  Pretty darn good.

I have thrown up again this am.  I think it might be the pre-natal vitamins.  I first got sick last Thursday, when I opened the new brand...I have gotten sick about every other day since I have been taking these.  I am going to try taking them in the afternoon.  Hopefully that will work.

It is such a dreary day...I just want to go to sleep!

I bought a set of hot rollers, I think it will help me cut down my 'hair doing time'..maybe!  I need to get a heat protection styling spray.  Anyone have any advice on a product that is just fab?

I didn't really think that this was going to be a 'bullet style' post, but that seems to be what happened.

As I mentioned, I voted yesterday, I wish somehow they would know that and stop the political ads.  UGH.

Dr appt tomorrow am. 

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