Friday, March 16, 2012

Another Link Up!

Kelly at Kelly's Korner has a weekly link-up called Show Us Your Life, this week I am joining in. 
This weeks topic is Infertility.  A quick overview, I am a forty-one year old who took quite a long time to meet Mr. Right.  I figured that once we got married the getting pregnant would be no big deal.  HA!  I love how God laughs at YOUR plans when HE has HIS own!

I did actually get pregnant very quickly, within six weeks of trying I got a positive.  I was so happy and fir the first time I felt like my life was going somewhere.  I began having problems and kept calling the doctor and was completely brushed off.  At seven weeks, four days I miscarried - fourth of July weekend.  It was awful. I had never called a doctor after hours until then and I was completely dismissed me.  I have never been so upset. (Mind you I have worked in the medical field for most of my life - I have never seen this type of treatment ever)  I did transfer from the original doctor two days after as she couldn't get me in but another WONDERFUL doctor could see me as a new patient sooner than the previous.

We have not been able to get pregnant since.  I am now seeing an RE in Cleveland and did my first IUI+ Clomid on February.  I did not get pregnant.  I had to take this month 'off' as I had a cyst that 'should' disappear.  The dr said we could try on our own, so provided I do not get a positive next week, my next IUI will probably be Easter Sunday.  I think that sounds like a good day to make a baby!

I can't wait to read others journeys!


  1. Hi Michelle! I am popping in from Kelly's Korner. Our story is so very similar! I will be saying big prayers for you guys and hope that if not sooner, Easter is your big day! Hang in there and be hopeful! God is holding you close at this time!

    Blessings, Michelle

  2. Easter weekend does sound like a great time! :)