Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yesterday was Jeff's appointment at the fertility doctor. He had blood work done as well as a urine test, then...he had to leave a 'sample'  I win best wife of the year, since I encouraged my hubby to look at porn!  HA!  We are at the point where we just want to be pregnant that it doesn't matter anymore what we have to do.  As I told him, at least he got to be behind a locked door, everything for me is for several eyes and people present!

When our child(ren) ask if we planned them, the answer will be YES!  Baby, you are very planned!

WOW!  I had to stop posting to answer the phone it was the dr.  He called to give an update.  Jeff's sample was good.  His swimmers are fast swimmers and all looks good!  YEAH!!!

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