Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I went to the doctor yesterday morning.  The doctor, himself, drew my blood.  I have never had an actual doctor draw blood!  I was impressed. I also have no bruise today which is very impressive.  Then I went and had an ultrasound of my ovaries.  The Doctor performed the ultrasound too!  Again, in the past nine months I have had several ultrasounds and non of them were done by the doctor!  Dr. said I should be very proud of my ovaries.  They look great...both of them.  They are showing multiple follicles so that is great too.

So, here is the plan for the next nine days or so...
  Jan 30-Feb.3 take the clomid
  Feb 6 - have the HSG
  Feb 7 start the OPK, once I get a positive on the OPK, I will have the IUI the next day.
  Feb 8 - another scan of my ovaries
  Then I will go into the dreaded 2 week wait...I reminded the doctor that I tend to ovulate on CD12, he told me that with the Clomid, it may make me ovulate a bit later.  So...ideally I would like to have the IUI on Feb 9th.  (My birthday, in case I haven't mentioned it, LOL!)

I really think that this is going to work, I BELIEVE it will work!!!  I BELIEVE that I will have a take home baby/ies this year!

I spoke to my cousin last night.  he is in residency for OB/GYN.  He said everything sounds great and standard.  I have no explanation for not getting pregnant other than my hubby is three hours away most of the time!  He believes that this will be successful!


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