Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Where do we go from here?

So, the doctor called me Monday about my CD3 blood work.  He said everything was normal.  I asked him about an AMH (I think that is what it is called) it measures the amount of eggs you have and the quality.  He said that he couldn't do that test but he would refer me to a Fertility Specialist if I was interested.  I told him that I think that would be great.  So, he said that based upon my age and the fact that it has been 6 months since the miscarriage, he thought it was time.  So he did the referral and gave me the doctors name and number and told me he would send everything over to them.

I called and fully expected to WAIT longer to see a specialist and GUESS WHAT...I am going TOMORROW.  The nurse told me that my waiting for appointments is DONE!  She said that they will do what needs to be done to get me pregnant!  Just what I needed to hear.

So, look tomorrow for a new plan.

On an entirely different subject.  The weather has been FABULOUS for NE Ohio.  I have run for the past five days.  Planning on the rest of the week but we have to see about this front that is allegedly coming in for Thursday!

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  1. Yeah, yeah my friend!!!

    I will be thinking about you tomorrow;)

    Hugs, Ashley