Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WOW - A new plan and renewed excitement

So, I went today to see the Fertility Specialist!  Can I just say WOW!  He is amazing!  I immediately liked him.  He called me back to his room (after I filled out a million forms) himself.  We went to his office and we just talked.  He said he doesn't believe we have a fertility problem.  He believes that we have a timing issue based on the fact that my husband is 2.5 hours away Monday morning until Friday evening. 

So here is what he said:
First, he told me I no longer need to take my temperature everyday.  (Yippeeeeeee!!!)  He said that temping is great, but I have done it everyday for the past nine month at 4:30 am.  He can tell I am ovulating based on my labwork and the past temp.

Secondly, I no longer need to use my Ovulation Prediction Kits.  I will use the ones he provides me.

Third, he said his job is to get me pregnant the safest, cheapest and fastest way possible.


the Plan:

We are going to start with IUI next month!!!!!
Jeff will leave a 'deposit' on Monday.  The 'deposit' will be frozen to use for the IUI
On Day One of my next cycle I will call his office and set up CD 3 testing as well as my HSG.  On CD 3 I will also start Clomid
I will be monitored with ultrasound and his ovulation prediction kit and when I am ovulating we will do the IUI. 

I am VERY excited, we are moving forward and we WILL have a baby by the end of 2012!!!

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  1. So glad that you finally got some answers..from a wonderful doctor it sounds like! I will thinking about you and keeping those prayers flowing...let me know if you need anything!!

    Hugs, Ashley