Sunday, July 17, 2011

Y Youth Triathlon

My friend's daughter Kendell, who is five competed in the YMCA Youth Triathlon.  The events distances were by age.  For the five year olds they had to swim the width of the pool, bike 1/2 mile and then run 1/4 a mile.  These kids were so awesome! 
I didn't see Kendell do the swim as the pool deck is very crowded and I didn't want to be in the way.

After the swim and headed to T1

                                                                           Here is K now on her way out for her half mile bike ride!

Out of T2 and on her 1/4 mile run!  At this point, I am fairly certain that she is in first place over all for her age group and absolutely in first place for girls!
Heading to th finish chute!  GO GIRL!!!!

K and her hardware!

A hug from little sis and the day is complete!

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