Tuesday, July 5, 2011

8 weeks

I should be eight weeks today.  That is two months.  In seven months I should have been waiting to see my baby.  Instead I sit here waiting to call the doctor so I can get a confirmation of a miscarriage.  I am not sure why I need confirmation since I know what happened.  I do NOT want a D&C.  From what I have read I would need to wait longer to start trying to get pregnant again.  I suffered through the weekend without medical intervention, therefore I do not want it now.  I can't wait for vacation in 18 days.  I need time away.

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  1. I am so very sorry for your loss. Miscarriage is one of the most difficult and painful experiences and it is made more difficult because people dismiss it outright or dismiss it by not acknowledging the profound loss.
    Like you, I wanted to miscarriage naturally (as if there's anything "natural" about miscarriage). It was almost like I needed to feel the loss and go through every moment of it to know that the life inside me was real. I understand that so well.
    No one should ever have to endure a miscarriage and the grief that goes along with it. I am so very sorry. Be good to yourself and know that you are not alone.
    In Friendship and Support,
    Kathy (Sandra's friend)