Monday, July 4, 2011


Why are miscarriages a taboo topic?  If one in three women has one then why isn't it a more discussed topic? Why shouldn't I tell people I had a miscarriage?  I saw a heartbeat, that means that there was a baby that died.  If a baby was born and had died that would certainly be discussed.  I know that there are no right words to say...but really the comments of 'you can try again' or 'it is for the best' are really pathetic.  Why don't people understand I lost my baby?  I lost everything that consumed my thoughts for seven weeks.  We SO wanted this baby and were looking so forward to having the baby bean join our family.  Now I just have a bloated, empty belly, that I am not supposed to talk about. UGGGGHHHHH.


  1. I think you talking about your miscarriage shows a strong go girl:)

    Although all the comments are most likely given in love, I know what you lost your child and that leaves such an empty heartbroken feeling. If you want to talk more, my ears (and heart) are here for you;)

    Blessings, Ashley

  2. Oh my gosh, I just read this. I am so sorry. So very, very sad for you :-(
    All I can do is send you hugs.