Thursday, February 2, 2012


Yesterday, as I pulled into the driveway, I saw a box on the front porch.  I hadn't ordered anything so was a bit confused as to what this might be.  Anyway, as I walked to the porch, I saw SIMILAC on the side of the box.  I wanted to throw up.  I left it out on the porch until I could collect my thoughts.  I finally brought it in and decided I wasn't going to open it, I was just going to throw it away.  Then, I decided to open it and it is newborn formula.  So what to do with it.  I thought of calling my sister-in-law...but she is breast feeding and Kendyl is 3 months that wouldn't work.  I then decided to take it to church and donate it to the food pantry.  I think that is a great way to turn around a bad moment.

That said, Thank you SIMILAC, for your donation.  The coupons are lovely, very kind, too.  Thank you for the heartache as I approach my due date and do not have a baby.  I know that when I do have my baby in my arms, my heart will still ache for the baby I lost.

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