Monday, February 13, 2012

3 dpiui

Today puts me at 3 days past IUI (dpiui).  I really didn't do much over the weekend.  Friday night Jeff and I were in bed by 7:30.  We were both exhausted.  Saturday, Jeff shoveled the driveway and  cleaned the house, while I did laundry and did general picking up.  Then we went to church, the mall and dinner with my parents.

Sunday was the open house, so we took the pups to  the pet store and then to hang out at my parents house for a few hours.  We were thrilled that even in the frigid temperatures and cold that we had two people come to look at the house.  We just need one buyer. 

The pups were exhausted when we got home.  They were so cute.  Both curled up and sleeping soundly by 7:00!

So as far as the wait, I have labwork this Friday to make sure that I did indeed ovulate.  I am hoping that they might be able to do an HCG test as well.  I will never make it another 11 days to test - but I don't want to test too early as right now because of the trigger shot a HPT will show positive. 

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