Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thoughts on Boston

I have refrained from posting anything about the 'new' Boston massacre.  I thought that given a few days I would gain some clarity (maybe more sleep, so I could form a clear thought)  Since this latest event took place at a marathon, I feel like I am compelled to at least acknowledge the event and while I am at it give my opinion/thoughts.

As most readers know, I am a marathoner.  I am a four time marathon finisher (four times in one year, stupid yes but very proud!)  Qualifying for Boston is like the SuperBowl of the running world.  Once you qualify, you have to train in the cold, snowy, icy winters (at least where I live) then you have to do lots of hill work so that Heartbreak Hill.  This year, the runners,spectators, volunteers, and directors did their part.  What no one expected was the coward who tried to tear apart the running community and America.

What this coward didn't know is that the running community is made up of some of the strongest people I know.  They are husbands, wives, children, doctors, janitors, military, students, they are America.  They cannot be torn down.

This morning I was watching "The View" (now I don't agree with political comments from the hosts) Whoopie Goldberg made the comment that next year everyone should go to Boston for support.  She said that she certainly can't run it, but she is strong enough to walk it.  Now, I am certain that she won't have to qualify if she wants to partake but I think the sentiment is fabulous.  I think that next years marathon should be the biggest and best marathon yet.

This weekend is the London Marathon and then several other large marathons are coming up soon (it is marathon season after all) I wish all the runners good luck.

This leaves me with what can I do?  I can pray as I have been, I have worn running t-shirts in support, I have watched more news than I care too (I still haven't watched the taping of the Boston marathon, I want to, I just can't bring myself to do it yet.)  I can speak out and most of all I can run.  I will soon be allowed to run again after the birth of Lillian.  I can't wait to get out there, I can't wait to register and run a race.  Will I be scared?  yes, but I will be cautious and I won't allow these terrorists to take away a large part of my life.   I probably won't have Jeff and Lill come to the finish line, which is a huge shame.  If/When I do another marathon I would like them to watch me finish and share in my accomplishment.  We will just be cautious and hyper aware of what is going on around us.

One of the things I heard that the running community is doing is any races that are coming up, runners are asked to cross their arms over their chests as they cross the finish line for all those who were at Boston.

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