Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One Month

 I just can't believe my baby is one month old.  This first month has gone by so fast.  We have had many visitors and our first major holiday.

 she is starting to get rolls...almost as chunky as her cheeks!
 She humors mommy when she pulls out the camera
 well, she humors her for a few minutes!

When she is done...SHE.  IS.  DONE!

This month:
Sleep: she is now sleeping from 9-10 until 2-3, then 5-5:30
Clothes: she has outgrown the newborn things.  I think we got to wear them all once!
Diaper Size: 1
 starting to smile...lots.
 showing her little (well not so little) personality.  She has a bit of a temper.
 has her one month dr appointment on Thursday.  So I don't know her height/weight.
 takes a bottle about every 3 hours during the day with a longer stretch at night.  She gets 4 oz of formula at each feeding with a 2 ounce bottle to top her off sometimes.
loves to cuddle with daddy and mommy.
She loves the halo sack.  it is part of her bedtime routine

I just love my baby girl and can't wait to see what the next month will bring.

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