Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh my, Oh my goodness! {UPDATED}

Naturally, I couldn't wait until tomorrow to test and I did the Pee On A Stick (POAS).  I am pretty certain I am pregnant.  If my little bean sticks, my estimated Due Date is February 14, 2012.  A little point of interest, when my mom was pregnant with me I was due on February 14 as well.  I came early, a surprise for everyone!

My prayer right now is to make sure the little bean is sticky and the test gets darker.

Another prayer not related to pregnancy is for Jeff.  He had a job interview last week and received a phone call yesterday from the guy and he said he had made a decision and would call him back today.  Jeff is going to call him this morning! 

Lots of positive activity!

{UPDATE} I called the doctor and they got me right in to have blood drawn.  VERY EXCITING!!!  Jeff didn't get the job.  Bummer, but such positive other news.  The doctor's office is supposed to call me hopefully tomorrow but maybe not until Monday!

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