Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon 5/28/2011

Race Day!

Jeff and I woke up at 4:30 and I started getting ready...Race skirt, red sleeveless top. I put my socks, shoes, visor and racebelt in a bag to put on later. We made a pit stop at DD for coffee and breakfast sandwiches. Then we started our drive to Wheeling.

We stopped at Jeff's parents to pick up Cindi, Derek and Amanda. WOW! I have a race crew!!! We headed into Wheeling. They dropped me off at the corner and I went to the start and tried to find a 'real' bathroom. No such luck! I was able to see where the water stations and the first aid stations were!

The time had come...The start of the race.

Jeff and Derek were right at the start...I missed them...but they got my picture!

We made the run basically around the block...I saw them at mile 2. I handed off two of my water bottles. {note: frozen water bottles are heavy!}

Then I headed out toward - THE HILL!

THE HILL Began at mile 4 and never freaking stopped. As I was approaching THE HILL, I looked up at fellow runners. There was not one person running. I started the 1:1 plan. It worked well, mentally I was not ready for a hill of that magnitude. I did manage to pass people along the way...I didn't let anyone pass me. At the top of the hill I really just wanted to stop! I knew Jeff and crew were just past mile 7. I knew I could restock water!

So, mile 7 done...8,9,10. Mile 11 was another hill. Then mile 12 was downhill!!!! YEAH! I felt my strength come back. RUN!

Oh, happy day! Another Half Marathon in the books. Another lesson to start training for AKRON!

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